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Diamond Paint Kit for scooter


The Diamond paint kit is for scooters users who wish to customize their rides with an incredible paint : the Diamond effect gives an amazing iridescent aspect.


The kit includes:

- 3 sprays for the undercoat (black or white depending on the Diamond shade)

- 3 sprays of Diamond paint

- 2 sprays of UHS high quality clear coat (two-compartments with hardener to trigger)


You will find below a quick description of the steps that have to be followed for the application:


- The background should be primed if necessary


- The background should be dry, and free of dust and grease


- Warning: Only use our alcohol or our degreaser because incompatibilities and reactions can occur with other degreasers.  Generally a simple light sanding with water is enough.


- Apply the basecoat (black or white) in thin quick passes. Depending on the air temperature, leave more or less time between each coat to allow it to dry.


- Directly after having applied the basecoat (between 5 minutes and 30 minutes at 20° C), apply the Diamond basecoat, always in thin and quick passes, to let the colour appears gradually.


- Once painting with the Diamond paint is done, the colour should present a satisfactory appearance and the background should not be seen anymore. This is where top coat can be applied in two adequate passes.


Diamond paints are different from the usual standard "car paints". They contain "Candy" inks and are more liquid.

It is very important to apply them in finer passes, to avoid the risk of sagging, and to prevent "marbling" effect, and in order for the  "diamond" pearls contained in the paints to be correctly positioned,  "laying flat".

Want to discover the high-definition photos of the beautiful Diamonds Paints?
Download the free catalog (27Mo) by clicking here



2014 Diamond range

2014 Diamond range



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