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chrome paint headlightHow to redo the chrome plating of headlight lenses easily?

When renovating an old vehicle, you may need a chrome paint to renovate or restore the chrome plating of the headlight parabolas. Similarly, the headlights of some cars that are around 20 years old may show yellowing in the bottom of the headlight parabolas or rust pitting due to oxidation.

The chrome plating of an optic, serves as its name suggests, to reflect light. It is generally made with a very thin decorative chrome layer obtained by galvanizing.
Before revealing the easy and quick technique to restore all their shine to your parts, it is important for any complete restoration work or partial touch-up on these parts, to carry out a preparation with at least one of these steps:
- block the rust with an anti-corrosion product (otherwise, the rust will continue to develop
- sanding, scraping off the metal layer if it peels off.
Applying a primer to create a smooth surface

chrome paint optic headlightOur tip for re-chroming headlight parabolas quickly and easily!

The usefulness for an optic to have a reflective background like a mirror, to multiply the light from the bulb and to reflect as much light as possible in the direction of travel of the car.
How to achieve the reflection rate of a mirror or shiny metal, while resisting yellowing and heat?
Indeed, many paints claim to imitate the appearance of mirror metal, but do not are in fact only a pale imitation giving an aluminum paint finish, having no reflective properties.

GO Chrome paint is totally suitable for renovating the chrome plating of headlight parabolas. The use is extremely easy, fast and allows to chrome a parabola of headlights in a few seconds. The product sticks to everything, and therefore allows direct application without even having to prepare the bottom of the headlight lenses.
The product can be applied to all the lenses, with an aerosol in a thick layer and it can can also be used for retouching with a brush on small areas.

Characteristics of GO Chrome paint

With GO Chrome paint, it is possible to create a chrome-like surface, reflecting like a "mirror", with a reflection rate close to that of chrome.
The appearance of the product is white, covering and very shiny.
GO paint dries in a few hours and is resistant to temperature and UV. It is not resistant to abrasion, but for that, it is well sheltered in the parabola of the lighthouse.

To do a neat job:

On a very damaged piece, we recommend complete stripping to obtain a smooth, finely sanded surface. If stripping proves to be difficult, it will be necessary to apply a filling primer, in sufficient thickness, so as to properly level the areas where the chrome plating has come off. Once the surface has been sanded with 500 grit paper, GO Chrome can be applied in 1 well-dipped coat using the aerosol, or even a brush, as shown in the video.

Where and how to use chrome paint ?

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