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GO Chrome - brush-on single coat mirror paint

New product

One-coat mirror chrome effect for all substrates

Brush or Spray

125 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1L, 5 L cans

400 ml aerosol

Liner 30 ml

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GO Chrome is an easy chrome brush paint.

The paint is a decorative effect that creates an instant mirror. It is not intended to be resistant, but it has the advantage to be applied without any preparation, over any smooth surface, mat or glossy.

It is a unique and innovative liquid chrome paint that creates a "floating mirror" of clear and shiny color, with a brush, spray, airbrush, dipped airbrush, or with Liners.

  • Easy Chrome

  • Fast

  • 100% mirror

  • All supports

  • Flexible and UV resistant


GO Chrome is quick and easy to apply, does not yellow and is resistant to 200°C. It is a decorative paint only. For a resistant paiint system we recommend to use or professional chrome paint

No glossy, dry (for days) background is required.

This one-coat chrome effect paint is thick and covering.

The paint can be applied with a brush. It is non-hazardous and has little odour.

100% opaque, this easy chrome works over any background color.

It's an alcohol-based paint, ready to use.

Slow drying at room temperature:

• Core dry 24-48 hours minimum
• the drying time depends on the thickness and the temperature. we recommend leaving the chrome to dry naturally in a warm, dry place.

Chrome plating of headlight lenses :

The product can be used for headlight optics.

It has a strong retroreflective effect (light reflection).

Can or spray version

GO Chrome paint is available in different packagings

It's a chrome paint brush.

but which can also work by dipping and also by spraying :

The best results are obtained with a spray gun or a spray

Applying GO Chrome with a brush or Spray

It's simple :

To make a nice, shiny wet coat...

Setting time : 30 seconds

Yield: 1L= 8 m² / aerosol = 0.8m².

Do not apply a coat that is too dry, do not apply in excess (otherwise it will drip).

In case of surface cracks during drying : blow on the surface.

In case of drops and overflow, catch up with the brush and smooth immediately.

Application supports

GO Chrome works very well over smooth, matt, satin or glossy backgrounds, whereas other chrome paints require a glossy background that has been perfectly hardened for several days.

Excellent adhesion on metals, glass, plastics, resins, etc.

Whatever the background, the paint will adhere and cover micro defects because it is thick and filling.


The effect is decorative and remains very sensitive to wiping or scratching.

The temperature and UV resistance is excellent.

GO Chrome cannot be varnished because of the risk of losing the mirror effect.

It is possible to repair or retouch simply by applying a new coat to the damaged area.

What is the difference with the professional Chrome paint version ?

GO Chrome is an easy chrome, a decorative single-coat chrome paint, while the professional version paint is a different product that is applied only with a spray gun or airbrush, and works in 3 coats / 3 steps :

System : Hard and glossy base / Chrome / Varnish*

The new professional chrome paint is ultra efficient:

- ultra fast drying of the bottom (24h)
- maximum chrome effect
- re varnishing possible with a spray gun

GO Chrome paint works with all airbrushes:

Q: I'm not sure which GO CHROME brush and/or spray paint or professional spray paint is best for the job I have to do (repainting plastic and aluminum crankcases on my motorcycle, painting a stainless steel luggage rack, doing a small touch up on my exhaust pipe - rust stain).

R: If you don't spray paint, you won't be able to varnish and therefore you won't be able to have an abrasion resistant chrome thanks to professional chrome paint that is only applied with a spray gun, especially for varnishing.

In this case, you can use GO Chrome paint, which is easy, fast and very effective.

Q: About the GO Chrome paint to be applied with a brush, how to prepare the surfaces?

R: Simply degrease and remove the dust.

Q: My motorcycle's crankcases have original paint and varnish, do I need to sand the varnish?

R: Although GO Chrome will adhere everywhere, it is normally necessary to sand with 500 sandpaper before any paint work.

Q: Do aluminum crankcases need sanding?

R: Aluminum can not be sanded. It is applied directly. You do not need aluminum primer with GO Chrome paint.

Q: Can we touch up the exhaust pipe chrome (small rust spots).

R: Yes perfectly

Q: To clean the brush, what is needed as a thinner.

R: Any thinner or alcohol.

Q: How long does unused paint in a can or spray can last?

R: It can be kept for 1 to 2 years if the can is properly closed.

Q: Can GO Chrome paint be varnished and tinted?

R: As stated on the product page in "resistance", Go Chrome cannot be varnished.
However, some painters have succeeded in varnishing it (Youtube), and to achieve this, regardless of the type of varnish (water or solvent), the most important thing is to use the finest airbrush nozzle possible, and to practice extra dry veils without "wetting", in order to fix the surface. The surface thus "fixed" can then be varnished normally.
For the coloring of water-based or solvent-based varnishes, there are Candy concentrates in 250ml, but also candy universal concentrates (water / solvent) in 17ml


Flammable product : Strictly follow the safety instructions.

GO Chrome® is a registered trademark of StardustColors

Chrome Brush : old version :







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