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Brush-on chrome - Chrome Paint using Brush

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and kits including base and hardener

100ml +150ml base

250ml +350ml base

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1000ml +1.5L base

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Easy chrome - pure mirror effect paint

The first and only true chrome paint to apply using brush. Brush-on chrome paint is actually liquid chromium, and allows to achieve a chrome effect without any spray gun or equipment.
Brush-on Chrome produces a true chrome plating. The effect is only decorative and visual. To make it more resistant it can be topcoated.

The brush-on chrome paint is effective only with its special undercoat*
> Order the undercoat here in aerosol or can. (Choose Black or White colour)
This undercoat creates a glossy and very hard surface, which will allow the mirror effect.

Brush-on chrome paint composition:
Very liquid product; grey appearance, low odour and very fast evaporation

Application instructions:

Special note: The product is suitable ony for small parts, if the application method is a simple brush. The product can be used with airbrush or spraygun, for better results and larger superficies

The base:
This black paint is an innovative polyurethane 2K paint: it allows a shortened duration of hardening with accelerated hardening
Compared with a classic gloss lacquer with hardener, this new lacquer achieves a hardness in 24 hours in 4 - 7 days
In 48 hours its hardening represents 8 to 14 days of drying for classic PU paint,
24 hours = chrome effect = 85%
48 hours = chrome effect = 90%
96 hours = chrome effect = 95%
Mix the base (100 parts) with the hardener (50 parts) - Dilute if necessary with 10 - 15% of thinner. Apply a very bright layer.
Important: it is absolutely necessary to obtain an ultra-smooth and ultra-glossy surface to obtain a perfect mirror effect.

Liquid Brush-on Chrome :
Using a soft brush, dip the brush into liquid chromium and apply a good coat over the black undercoat. Apply once the liquid chrome, and quickly remove or spread any excess. Allow to evaporate. A temperature of at least 25 °C is required. The higher the temperature, the faster the chrome paint will be achieved. A second coat should be apply after the first coat is fully evaporated.

Content of paint + base kits

100ml Chrome Brush® + 100ml glossy black base + 50ml hardener
250ml Chrome Brush® + 250ml gloss black base + 125ml hardener
500ml Chrome Brush® + 500ml glossy black base + 250ml hardener
1000ml Chrome Brush® + 1000ml glossy black base + 500ml hardener

The brush-on chrome paint dries quickly (dry to the touch 5 minutes). Through drying just takes a few days. Baking at 60 °C, 90 °C (3hrs) and up to 150 °C (30min) allows the chrome paint to harden completely.

Can you apply topcoat with a brush? If yes which one? And can you apply a candy coloured clear coat?
> Yes, as long as the chrome paint has properly cured. We recommend using our special Aquacel water-based topcoat, which will keep all the effect. To apply this clearcoat, we must wait at least 2 days to allow the chrome coat hardening, and we should start with a few very very thin coat.

Warning ! The chrome mirror effect can disappear if a varnish is applied directly without any precautions. It is important to apply a few thin layers beforehand, to fix and stick the paint. Then it is possible to varnish normally.

We have another product / solution to produce a true chrome effect : KIT CHROME AT'HOME
Chemical process with silver + water
More complicated and technical, but results are awesome :
Check out our video and product page here: 
KIT Chrome At'Home

Can any glossy paint be used?
No, only 2-component polymerised paints are suitable for the best mirror effect

Brush-on Chrome is a flammable product. Strictly observe the Safety Instructions

Basecoat drying :

The Chrome effect quality depends all on the gloss and hardness of the basecoat: the dryer is the basecoat, the better the chrome effect will be.

BASECOAT Drying time :
To achieve the best chrome effect, we recommend an extended drying time
7-14j / 20°C 24h/60°C 30min/150°C

To clearcoat the chrome paint, we recommend an application by spraying (spray gun, airbrush, ..) with a waterbased transparent clear topcoat (see our varnish Aquacel).
In order to varnish the chrome paint without affecting the mirror effect (by wetting the chrome film) we recommend to allow a extended drying time, as long as possible (several days) or better, to bake the chrome paint in oven at 60, 100, 150 or 200 ° C... The learcoating must always be donewith a few very hin and dry coats beforehand in order to "fix and stick" the chrome urface without wetting it. Over the Aquacel varnish, any automotive varnish can be applied

I bought the brush on chrome which is excellent, with the WATER BASED ACRYLIC TOPCOAT AQUACEL 3200 - Version : Mate, Packaging : 1L.

I am having problems with the topcoat.
I have an airgun - 0.8mm and using the product undiluted.
The chrome effect becomes very dull - and yes I have tried very fine layers of the topcoat.
Would you please advise?
Is there another product you have that would do a better topcoate finish... it’s for a Phasma costume, so it’s important that it is hardwearing and protects the chrome well without dulling.

One can not use the matt version of the topcoat over the chrome paint.
One must use only the glossy version. Matt clear will make the chrome dull.

But that may not be the first cause of the chrome becoming dull.

it is important to apply the clearcoat , with very very thin coat (we are talking about "dry coats")
in order for the clearcoat to fix / stick the chrome without wetting it.
After a few dry coats, the chrome looks dull, then we can varnish 2 wet coats without problem and that will reveal the chrome effect.







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