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Use the chrome paintOn which support to do chrome plating and how?

The question of what medium you can or cannot apply chrome paint is just irrelevant: first of all, if we quickly study the user guide for most chrome paints, we see that a special base, a kind of undercoat is necessary. Without this "base" which represents a preparatory stage, mirror painting cannot work. We can even say that the mirror effect depends above all on the quality of the undercoat. The question often comes up: can I apply this paint on concrete, on plastic, on all glasses...? The answer is yes and no at the same time! It is "No" because above all, the paint will never touch the raw support because the paint is applied on a special undercoat. The answer is "Yes" because any support can potentially be chromed. How? 'Or' What ? It is enough to know the rules of the Art of painting.

Where and how to apply chrome paint?

These rules of the art are general principles, fundamental rules specific to painting techniques. One of the most important, if not the most important, is the following: You can paint any support, as long as this support is correctly prepared, and if necessary, primed. Clearly, this means that you can always apply chrome paint (or another one), on any surface, as long as you have taken care to prepare the background ( clean, dry, dust, fix...) and use a fixing product when necessary. There are adhesion primers for almost all materials. This primer will not be necessary if the undercoat of the chrome paint allows direct adhesion.

Use the chrome paintHow to apply chrome paint on a rim?

For those who wish to know how to apply chrome paint to a rim, we detail the few steps to do a quality job. It is essential before embarking on the painting project, to clearly determine the work to be done, in particular the preparation work: this depends on the condition and nature of the rim, whether it is painted, or whether it is raw metal.

Chrome works and works for the exterior

Here is an article that answers frequently asked questions about the relevance of chrome paint, for example when you want to chrome works and structures for the exterior. What is its resistance? What is she sensitive to? How to guarantee a long life of the finish and maximum weather resistance? What varnish to use?

Chrome plating of statues or pieces intended for the interior

In the event that the piece, the statue, the chandelier, the frame... are not subject to being in direct contact with the touch, when there is no manipulation or wear, we can then say that It is possible to chrome statues or pieces intended for interior use. In such a case, we have an extremely easy application and an exceptional "mirror" result, which we will not need to protect with a risky varnishing step.

How does chrome paint work?
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