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In the complete multi-color kit

choice of several simple and special colors

in 125 ml can or

in spray cans

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If you want to make a design with several colors, here is the complete bike kit with colors to choose from, which simplifies your research work :

the choice of colors is very large, and includes classic "solid" colors but also colors with fluorescent effects, pearlescent, metallic, chameleon, holographic from our GRAPHIC ranges (base color) , SPARKLE  (special effects) , METALIZED lien produit 125 and FLUO (click on the links to access these two ranges)

Compatible application : Spray gun / airbrush / spray cans

The kit includes the necessary products for the 3 steps (Primer / paint / varnish)

  • a choice of primer (for carbon or metal)

  • a choice of 6 bottles of paint 125ml

  • a 800ml gloss, satin or matte varnish kit

the kit does not include :

masking tapes

thin adhesive lines


Cleaning thinners


How much paint is needed to paint a bike frame + fork ?

Approximately 250 ml (less for opaque paints and more for transparent pearlescent colors). The quantities for primer and varnish are similar.

Important note :

A painting project must be studied and planned.

If you don't take the few minutes necessary to read and understand the presentation pages of the products you are buying, then you can make mistakes and fail in your project, with the loss of the paints as a result.

The complete GRAPHIC DESIGN bike kit in detail :

Choose your colors by noting well the references, fill in the PDF « order table » at the bottom of the page if you wish

Illustration photos : Hermano Ayas de Elche workshop (Spain)

STEP 1/ Primer : in spray can only

It provides good adhesion on bare surfaces : one thin coat is more suitable than several thick coats.

The filler is applied to non-regular surfaces, preferably painted. It allows leveling.

A1 - Metal and aluminium primer in 400ml 1K spray can : white or blacklink to the product page

A2 - Two-component white or black spray can filler : link to the product page

A3 - Two-component transparent spray can carbon primer : link to the product page

Application tips : Degrease and sand the surface with a P500, then apply the primer.

Once the primer is dry, lightly sand it with P500 to create a perfect grip.

STEP 2/ Colors : 6 bottles of color to choose from, or 6 spray cans* to choose from

You can find at the bottom of the page the color charts in PDF and on this page the links to the detailed pages of these products

All these bike paints are pre-thinned solvent-based body paints and ready to use for varnishing

GRAPHIC range : about twenty basic colors***.

SPARKLE range : about thirty paints with various effects***.

FLUO range : a dozen fluorescent colors

METAL range : about twenty metallic colors

*A 400ml spray can contains 100 ml of paint

***The choice of chameleons and holographic is limited to 1

Application tips : always apply the paints in thin and repeated coats until they cover. Between each color, let it dry and sand with a light 500 grit.

**Background colors

It is especially important to choose the background colors needed for effect colors : these are semi-transparent, whether pearlescent, neon metallic or chameleon, and need either a black (usually) or white background. The background color can be either the primer or a paint.

STEP 3 / Varnishing, in a can or in a spray can

The varnish is a glossy or mat automotive varnish.

It is necessary and required to protect the base paints.

The choices

Mini kit gloss varnish 800 ml can.

Mini kit extreme matte varnish St822 in 750 ml can.

2 spray cans of 2K UHS gloss varnish

2 spray cans of matte varnish 1K AutoK

Shades on demand

About the personalized colors of type RAL, PANTONE, or manufacturers, they are not included in this GRAPHIC DESIGN Kit, and they can be ordered in this category of 1K Basecoats and 2K paints, in cans or spray cans.

Covering and sanding rule

When creating decor and flat colors, there are two ways to layer / cover a coat of paint with the next one :

1. quickly, " in wet on wet ".

2. or after sanding with a 500 grit

If you want to apply adhesives, you must choose option 2

Tips : when layering colors, plan the right sequence of colors, especially by putting the least covering and lightest colors first, and the darkest and most opaque colors afterwards.

How to avoid peeling ?

Following an impact, the peeling is not produced by a bad product not resistant enough. It is caused by a bad application and preparation.

It is by applying the right primer and sanding that we ensure a good cohesion of the coats.

Why is a canned kit cheaper than a spray can kit ?

Spray cans contain less paint because they are 75% gas, yet are more expensive. This is due to the cost of the spray cans and manpower. It is more economical to spray paint.

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