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Complete phosphorescent paint kit for bikes

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Two versions of the phosphorescent effect paint kit for bikes.

with a choice of colors

in cans or in spray cans

includes base / paint / varnish

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The complete phosphorescent bike paint kit allows you to make a bike glow in the dark.

The kit includes all the necessary products for the 3 steps of the photoluminescent system, described below.

Explanation :

Phosphorescence is an energetic phenomenon that produces light from a molecular excitation inside the pigments ; this excitation is triggered by solar or artificial light energy. The release of light that continues after the excitation stops is the phosphorescence.

The phosphorescent effect lasts several hours after the excitation, and its duration is unlimited (years, centuries...)

To fully charge a phosphorescent paint on a bike, a duration of 5 to 15 minutes is sufficient, with a white or UV light, or of course a natural light.

Performance :

The phosphorescence is fully visible in complete darkness. You should not expect to get a bright bike like a neon (electroluminescence). It is a natural luminous phenomenon, which is not very visible in the city at night, because of the light pollution of urban lighting. The phenomenon shows a curve of luminance rapidly decreasing then stable.

Tips : it is important to choose only the GREEN color, or as a second choice the TURQUOISE color, because all other colors are very weak and not very persistent.

The level of phosphorescence depends on the color, and the number of coats.

You can download the table of phosphorescence intensities in the PDF at the bottom of the page

> The choice of the color for the bike, must be done AFTER THE ORDER BY EMAIL.

Summary of the application :

1 – White background

2 - NightGlow Paint

3 - Varnish

  • The white background is a white primer, which is used to perfect the surface, but also to create a hard, white background, important for optimizing phosphorescence.

  • NIGHTGLOW is a phosphorescent paint, body type (solvent-based). It is a thin product that dries quickly, which has the advantage of allowing the application of several coats while minimizing the risk of dripping.

  • The varnish is a high-performance UHS glossy and resistant body product.

The kit does not include a specific primer for bare materials that are difficult to adhere to (carbon, aluminum). See our bike primers section

Offer details and instructions:


Use a paint gun, nozzle 1mm to 1.5mm

Solvent-based paints.

Contents of the complete kit

Mixing and Application Guide

750 ml of WHITE quick primer: white surfacer filler primer kit (primer + hardener + thinner)

Mix 4 parts primer + 1 part hardener + 1 part thinner

Apply 2 coats

After drying, sand with 320 grit paper and water

500 ml of NightGlow phosphorescent paint

Product ready to use

Stir / shake well before and during use

Apply in several coats spaced 2 to 5 minutes apart

Follow directly with the varnish*.

800 ml of UHS 830 gloss varnish : varnish kit, hardener, thinner

Mix 3 parts varnish + 1 part hardener + 10% thinner

Apply 2 glossy coats at 7-10min intervals depending on temperature

Through drying 24h


Shake well before application!

Details of the complete kit contents

Application instructions

2 two-component spray cans** of white primer

Remove the safety cap, shake well and use within 60 minutes

Apply 2 coats, let dry 6 hours and sand with 320 grit paper with water

4 aerosols of phosphorescent paint

Application in several coats spaced 2 to 5 minutes apart

Follow directly afterwards with the varnish*.

2 two-component spray cans** of UHS varnish, any color

Remove the safety cap, shake well and use within 30 minutes

Varnish 2 to 3 glossy coats at 7-10min intervals depending on temperature

Through drying 24h

* It is absolutely imperative to varnish quickly after the photoluminescent paint: that is to say after 5-10 minutes (time for the solvents to evaporate) and before 15-20 minutes (time after which the varnish may no longer adhere). The varnish also prevents any risk of cracking or shrinking during drying, especially after a large number of phosphorescent coats.

** a two-component spray can contains a hardener that is released by pressing a button. It is a high quality coating in terms of resistance, and it is a single use product with a limited duration of use (30 min)

*** Detailed tips on how to apply the phosphorescent paint coats on the bike.

When the white background is primed, i.e. dry and sanded with P320, you can paint the phosphorescent paint.:

The product must be thoroughly stirred or agitated.

It is recommended to apply 4 coats to start having a satisfactory phosphorescence. It is important to avoid applying thick coats (risk of cracking when drying), but rather to use a larger number of thin coats.

The paint is made of photoluminescent micro crystals, so it is necessary to keep the mixture in a homogeneous dispersion without letting it settle at the bottom of the can or the gun.

The time between each coat must be respected, and this depends on the temperature. It is important to apply as many coats as possible, and the time between coats should not exceed 1 minute in summer and 5 minutes in winter.

It is important to apply as many coats as possible, and in a homogeneous way: where there are gaps, we will perceive as dark areas in the phosphorescence.

It is very important to varnish quickly after painting. Never leave the paint without varnish.

Can I paint on a background other than white ?

This is possible, provided you choose a bright background, such as fluorescent yellow for example, but it must be understood that the use of a non-white background will drastically reduce the intensity of photoluminescence.

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