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Marblizer effect kit for bike

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Two versions of FULL KIT

for marble candy effect on bike

with your choice of color

in a can, or in a spray can

includes base / paint / varnish

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The result is a beautiful depth effect that reveals textures, pearlescent and iridescent patterns underneath a colored "Candy" varnish. The Marblizer Candy look is a particularly impressive special paint effect.

Achieving the marbled or "marblizer" effect on a bike is quite simple.

The Marblizer product does not create the patterns on its own: it requires manual intervention, which is done with a very thin plastic film, such as Cellophane.

You can download the different Candy colors in the PDF at the bottom of the page

> The choice of the CANDY color, must be done AFTER THE ORDER BY EMAIL.

The color chart PDF below can be found for high definition download at the bottom of the page:

Summary of the application :

1 - Black background

2 - Marblizer paint

3 - « Candy » colored varnish

  • The black background is made up of a black primer, which is used to erase slight surface flaws, but also to create a hard, uniform and dark background, necessary to bring out the pearlescence of the Marblizer.

  • Marblizer is a whitish, liquid, semi-transparent product that will turn silver when placed on the black background.

  • The coloring is flexible, thanks to the varnish which contains a candy ink of your choice (about twenty colors available). The varnish is a high performance UHS glossy and resistant body product.

The kit does not include a specific primer for bare materials that are difficult to adhere to (carbon, aluminum). See our bike primers section

Offer details and instructions:


Use a paint gun, nozzle 1mm to 1.5mm

Solvent-based paints.

Details of the complete kit contents

Mixing and application instructions

750 ml Quick Black Primer: Black surfacer filler primer kit (primer + hardener + thinner)

Mix 4 parts primer + 1 part hardener + 1 part thinner

Apply 2 coats, let dry 6 hours and sand with P500 with water

250 ml of Marblizer paint

Product ready to use

Stir / shake well before use

Apply in one thick layer + Cellophane application ***.

Follow directly with the varnish*.

UHS 830 CANDY body varnish 800 ml: Candy varnish kit, hardener, thinner

Mix 3 parts varnish + 1 part hardener + 10% thinner

Apply 2 glossy coats at 7-10min intervals depending on temperature

Through drying 24h


Shake well before application!

Details of the complete kit contents

Application instructions

2 two-component spray cans** of black primer

Remove the safety cap from the can, shake well and use within 60 minutes

Apply 2 coats, let dry 6 hours and sand with P500 with water

2 spray cans of Marblizer paint

Application in one thick layer + Cellophane application ***.

Follow directly afterwards with the varnish*.

2 two-component spray cans** of Candy varnish, color of your choice

Remove the safety cap from the can, shake well and use within 30 minutes

Varnish 2 glossy coats at 7-10min intervals depending on the temperature

Through drying 24h

* If you don't want to re-varnish immediately, then you have to sand with our grey abrasive sponge after drying, before working, and before varnishing, without time constraint.

** a two-component spray can includes a hardener that is triggered with a button. It is therefore a superior product in terms of resistance, but for single use.

*** Detailed advice on how to apply the Marblizer product :

When you have your black background ready, i.e. dry and sanded, you can start applying the Marblizer:

It is advisable to do a preliminary test on any black background.

It is necessary to carry out the application in several times, part by part.

It is not possible to paint the marble effect on a bike frame in one go. Joints and coverings are not a problem.

We will have prepared beforehand some pieces of cellophane ready to use, at hand.

The operation must be quick, and the Marblizer must not have time to dry before it can be shaped.

Choose an area of 20 to 50 cm and apply a medium to thick layer of Marblizer.

The film is laid down, letting it fall and coat the surface. Once it has adhered well to the wet paint, it can be removed, or pulled, moved, swirled... Then we remove it.

We obtained a monochrome marbled effect.

There is still time to reapply the wet cellophane film of product on the marbled surface, if necessary, to either add more product, or remove it if there is a excess, or better, to cross the patterns. You can also use the wet cellophane film to touch up certain areas, in case of lack or excess, or if the pattern is not good.

All this should be done within 20 to 30 seconds.

You can then move on to the next area, avoiding spraying the product on the marbled area.

The varnishing : In order to guarantee the adhesion and the cohesion between the coats, it is necessary to varnish quickly, i.e. after 10 minutes, and before 30 minutes.

The candy varnish is applied in 2 coats. It is possible to apply more coats, to darken the color.


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