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Special Carbon Primer - P510 Primer

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Carbon special epoxy acrylic primer

Delivered in kit with hardener (20%) and thinner (20%)

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8070 Carbon primer

Use / destination: Suitable for bike frames, fairings, various carbon structures, snowshoes, windsurfing.

By its special nature, it’s the only product to guarantee adhesion and avoid peeling on this particular material that is carbon.

Used only on raw carbon, before paint application, and after repair with a carbon putty, for example

Nature of the product: The 8070T is a solvent-based bi-component acrylic epoxy primer.

Fine, transparent, easy to apply, matte product that dries quickly.

Shade: Matte and transparent, it helps maintain the appearance of carbon fibers in the background.


0.7 L Kit: Includes 0.5L of primer, 100ml of H405 hardener, 100ml of thinner

1,4 L Kit: Includes 1L of primer, 250ml of H405 hardener, 250ml of thinner

Kit 7L: Includes 5L of primer, 1L of H405 hardener, 1L of thinner

Substrate preparation: 

Sanding with P400 / 500. Cleaning with water. Thorough drying with a burner. Degreasing with alcohol or degreaser.


Primer (by volume): 100 PARTS + Hardener: 20 PARTS + Thinner: 20 PARTS

Application Viscosity 18 - 20 S CA N° 4 A 20°C

Pneumatic gun

Nozzle diameter: 1 - 1.4mm

Pressure (bars): 2,5 – 4

Carbon 8070T Primer application

Apply on a smooth and finely sanded (P320 - P500) background

Apply 1 or 2 passes, allow 5 - 10 minutes between each coat

Coverable without sanding: 2h

Dry thickness: 10 to 30 μm

Desolvation: 5 MINUTES

STORAGE: 24 months in original packaging - Storage between 10 °C and 30 °C.

Theoretical coverage: 8m² / L
Voc: > 420g/L


Is it possible to sand the carbon primer?
Yes, it is a sandable product, like any paint or varnish,
but it is not a sandable product like a thick filling primer
It is not a surfacer primer, it is an adhesion primer.
If you are looking for a very thick, leveling, self-leveling, sandable and transparent product, then there is a product, it is 4000 thick epoxy resin / varnish


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