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Complete pearlescent paint kit for bike

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Complete set of solvent-based bike paints

Pearl effect colors, 3 ranges to choose from (Diamond, Multicolorz, Sparkle)

(about 70 colors)

The choice of the color is specified by email after order.

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About pearlescent bike paints

Pearlescent or pearl paints are different from metallic paints because they have a more subtle, refined shine. On the other hand, the variety and range of the color spectrum is much richer.

The major difference is the low covering power of pearlescent paints, because they are semi-transparent, while metallic paints are more opaque. For example, you cannot overlay two pearlescent paints, and you cannot cover a background with a pearlescent paint. These pearlescent colors must always be applied in duo with an opaque base coat either white or black.

The advantage of pearlescent colors is a profusion of color, increased depth, and rich shimmer. Pearlescent paints are easy to apply.

For other effects (Candy, metallic, Chameleon, holographic, fluorescent, or chrome, you have to go to the category Effect paint for bike).

The three-coat pearlescent paint system to paint a bike frame :

1 - Base

2 - Pearlescent paint

3 - Varnish

Due to the natural transparency of pearlescent paints (layer 2), it is always necessary to use a plain colored background (layer 1). This will be either white (for light and bright colors) or black, for all other pearlescent shades (the kit is prepared by the paint preparer with the necessary color).

Finally, pearlescent paints for bikes are fine paints, called 1K basecoats : they require a varnish (layer 3).

Bike pearlescent paint kit offers (solvent-based)

In aerosol can :

- 2 cans 400ml 1K basecoat for the background (black or white*)

- 3 cans 400 ml pearly 1K basecoat of your choice **

- 2 cans of Ultra High Solid bi-component varnish

In pot (for gun) :

- 2 bottles 125 ml 1K basecoat for the background (black or white*)

- 3 bottles of 125 ml of ready-to-use pearlescent 1K basecoat of your choice **

- 1 set of ceramic varnish 500 ml (250 ml St8900X varnish + 250 ml hardener)

* the tone of the background color will be provided by the technician according to the chosen pearl color.

** The color of the pearlescent paint is open and « mixable » : see our color charts below. Choice of colors to be specified by email

The type of the paint :

Professional pre-diluted solvent-based mono-component paints : no mixing required.

Quantities :

The quantities supplied are suitable but not excessive. It is important to aim as much as possible at the tubular surfaces when adjusting the gun jet. As for the aerosol sprays, they are delivered with a round jet nozzle, so that the area to be painted can be well targeted.

Pot and aerosol spray difference :

The quantities in aerosol sprays appear to be larger, but they are actually smaller, as they contain 75% gas.

Here are the pearly colors we propose for your bike :

  • Diamond Series (Candy effect, deep iridescent colors) : 43 colors

More complete information on the Diamond range here

  • Multicolorz series (fine grains, more opaque colors)

More complete information on the Multicolorz range here

  • Sparkle Series

More complete information on the Sparkle range here

It is possible to download the PDF color charts down the page.

If you wish to realize a multi-color decoration, it is possible to choose different colors in the kit : specify the choice by email after the order.

How to use :

The primer

Offers do not include primer, as it is not always necessary. The eventual need depends on the condition and nature of the bike frame :

You have to order this primer here, in spray version or in pot, only when necessary :

  • If the frame is bare carbon, a carbon primer must be applied.

  • If the frame is made of bare metal, a primer must be applied for this metal.

  • If the frame shows an uneven surface, the primer filler must be applied and then sanded with 320 grit sandpaper

Step-by-step application :

1/ lightly sand the old paint with P500 sandpaper. Do not strip a bike frame

2/ Apply the white or black background paint (ready-to-use paint) using a few thin veils, or apply a primer if the background is not smooth or regular (in this case, let dry completely, then sand with 500 grit sandpaper).

3/ the pearlescent paint can be applied directly afterwards, and before 30 minutes.

If more time is needed to work, then it is possible to let the background paint dry completely (2-3 hours) and then sand it finely with a 500 grit water-based abrasive paper before applying the pearlescent paint.

A pearlescent paint must be sprayed in very thin and multiple coats until the pearlescent color is obtained.

4/ allow to dry for 10-15 minutes

5/ Varnish : it is important to varnish before 30 minutes to take advantage of the adhesion between the coats.

To use the varnish spray, press the red button to release the hardener.

The ceramic varnish and its hardener in pot, mix in equal parts 1 : 1, without dilution. The mixture must be used quickly (20 min).

The application is done in 2 shiny coats, approximately 7-10 minutes apart.


When applying stickers, it is preferable to work quickly during the 30 minutes before varnishing. If more time is needed, then the pearlescent paint should be allowed to dry, and sanded gently with a gray abrasive sponge, so that the varnish can adhere afterwards.

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