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Complete fluorescent paint kit for bikes

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Fluorescent effect in two versions

Paint can or in spraycan

A choice of 14 fluorescent colors

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Do you want to paint the frame and fork of your bike in a fluorescent color ? Orange, red, yellow, green…? Our kit includes all the products necessary to accomplish a professional type painting.

fluorescent paint kit for bikes – 2 choices available :

  • Complete kit in spraycan : For amateur spray painting but with professional bodywork products.

  • Complete kit in can : For spray gun painting, by you or your bodywork painter.

What about fluorescent color ?

It is an ultra intense color, more visible than all other natural colors. The fluorescent shades are particularly visible before dark, but also during the day. Please note : they are more fragile than the others and are particularly sun sensitive.

The application is done over a white background because they are transparent shades.

Detail of the versions :

Kit in spraycan*

2 white base spraycans

3 fluorescent paint spraycans **

2 Anti UV 2K varnish spraycans ***

*spraycans 400ml

Kit in can

White base paint 250 ml

Fluorescent paint 250 ml **

UHS WetSpeed anti UV varnish 250 ml

Hardener 125ml

Thinner 125 ml

** Fluorescent colors to choose from the following colors :

The choice of color must be sent by email after order and put in the color box

*** Single-use bi-component spraycans


Spraycans are ready for use

Varnish spraycans go single-use once opened.

Paints are ready for use

The anti UV varnish is mixed this way :

- 10 parts varnish

- 5 parts hardener

- 2 parts thinner


The bicycle frame must be clean, prepared and its old paint must be surface sanded with sandpaper 500.

It is advisable to do the 3 stages of painting successively, without exceeding 30 minutes between each pass.

1 - Apply the white base paint in a few thin passes successively.

2 - Apply the fluorescent paint in as many fine coats as necessary, until the white background is covered. Varnish within 15 minutes.

3 - Apply the anti UV varnish in 2 or 3 passes. Wait 7 to 10 minutes between each pass, otherwise beware of drips ! Touch dry in 45 min and complete curing process in 2 hours. Pot life : 20 min.

Warning !

It is advisable to quickly varnish the fluorescent paint in order to avoid the risk of cracking. If you need to apply adhesives, either do it quickly or do it after the varnish, then come back again. Our Wet Speed ​​UHS varnish is high solid and rich in solid material, which allows it to cover the thicknesses of stickers easily.

When a primer is needed ?

If the frame surface is not perfect, or the paint on the bike frame has been completely sanded, then in this case, yes, you need a primer.

What about the resistance ?

Our offers include an anti UV varnish. This helps protect colors but there is no total protection from the sun, so unnecessary exposure to the Sun should be avoided.

Wet Speed varnish is extremely thick, shiny and robust.

If you wish to apply more varnish for more glossiness and more protection, find here our varnishes in can or spraycan.

Why is it advisable not to exceed 30 min between each pass ?

It is simply to ensure adhesion between the coats without sanding.

If you need time, for example to apply stickers, then you have to let it dry and lightly sand with our abrasive sponges.


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