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Crystallizer Effect Kit for Bikes

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The Crystallizer effect creates crystallized patterns, which are colored with a "Candy" varnish.

2 offers :

- aerosol kit

- kit in cans

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To realize a Candy Crystallizer painting, it is necessary to carry out a succession of stages because it is a multilayer technique. The process is simple and can be carried out by any applicator applied, respecting the instructions described below.

Appearance :

The crystallizer creates patterns in the form of bi-color crystals (aluminum and black).

A transparent color (of your choice) is applied on this decor using a Candy varnish.

Content of the offers

Aerosol kit

  • 2 aluminum paint sprays BC1

  • 1 aerosol of Celiron varnish

  • 1 Spray Crystallizer 500ml

  • 1 spray can of black paint

  • 2 spray cans of 2K UHS Candy* varnish

  • 2 sanding sheets: P500 and P800

Spray gun kit

  • 500 ml aluminum paint BC1

  • 250 ml of Celiron varnish

  • 1 Spray Crystallizer 500ml

  • 125 ml black paint

  • Candy varnish kit 850 ml (500ml Candy varnish* + 200 ml hardener + 150 ml thinner)

  • 2 sanding sheets: P500 and P800

* Colors to choose from the Candy color list

Choice to be sent by mail after the order

All products included are solvent-based paints.

The primer issue :

No primer is required if the frame surface is already painted.

If the frame is made of carbon or raw metal, a suitable primer must be applied.

If the surface is uneven, or has differences in level, it is necessary to apply a filling surfacer primer, 

then sand with P400.

The choice of the Candy

You will find on this page all the existing transparent "Candy" colors. You can also find at the bottom of the page the list of Candy on the PDF to download.

Candy crystallizer for bicycle : instructions for use

STEP 1 :

Application of the aluminum paint (ready to use): With a few thin veils, until it covers the bottom. Aluminum paint is semi-transparent, so it is not recommended to apply it over a multicolored background. In such a case, a dark primer or a few black veils of paint should be applied beforehand.

Drying time : 10 min

STEP 2 :

Application of Celiron varnish : (ready to use): With 2 thin coats: the goal is to create a smooth background, because the crystals develop better on a perfectly smooth, not glittery background.

Drying : a few hours

Sanding with 800

STEP 3 :

Application of the Crystallizer : (ready to use) : Apply a thick coat to wet all the surfaces of the frame. Complete the application quickly. Do not apply a second coat. Dry quickly and store immediately in a dry and warm place to allow evaporation and crystallization.

Drying : 5 to 20 min

STEP 4 :

Application of black paint : (ready to use) : With 2 thin veils, cover the dry crystallizer with black paint. The goal is to achieve black shading to create contrast. Do not apply too much black. The black must remain half transparent. Black paint in a thin coat dries very quickly.

Drying : 1 to 2 min

STEP 5 :

Wiping : With a good amount of water and an old dish sponge and its worn green side, gently rub the surface to remove the surface part of black, and to uncover the crystals.

Moisture drying

STEP 6 :

Varnishing « Candy » :

Aerosol: Press the red button under the aerosol to release the hardener and shake vigorously.

Can: Mix 3 parts varnish + 1 part hardener + 5 to 10% thinner.

Apply 2 to 3 coats with an interval of 7 to 10 minutes between each coat.

The life time of the mixed product is 30 min max.

Drying: 12-24 h

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