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Photochromic paint

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Made of photosensitive micro capsules.

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This paint makes an immediate and gradual colour change in reaction to a relevant source of light.


This photosensitive paint  is colourless and quite transparent when in  the shadows and its molecules not activated


The colour comes out immediately. The paint reacts to light sources which spectrum is broad  (e.g.: Soleil) and to UV light, much more than to poor electric light.

The more it is irradiated with light,  the more it becomes opaque and coloured.

Colour shift  happens very quickly and in a few seconds. The process is reversible. A video is available to explain how it works.


Composition: Waterborne acrylic.

Application : Always on a light or white background, with a spraygun, in 3/5 passes. Important : for topcoating, don’t use anti UV or automotive clearcoat (most of them contain anti UV components) which will block the light.

Example of use : The photochromic paint, when in the shade and inactive, is semi transparent and let see the bottom underneath : over a white background, the orange photochromic will pass from white to orange under the sun. On the other hand, if you apply red photochromic paint over a yellow surface, the final result will be yellow in the dark and orange red in the sun. As well as, applied over a yellow undercoat, blue photochromic will turn green under the sun. And painted over a blue undercoat, a red photochromic will appear purple in the sun.

Photochromic paint is an exclusive product manufactured only by StardustColors

Resistance and lifetime:The photochromic paint has a short lifetime, counted in numbers of colours shifts (several hundreds of times). Caution : quick deterioration to the sun can be observed (in 24h) , so don’t use it for a long period of time outside.

Flexible acrylic paint suitable for natural or synthetic fabrics


Photochromic Paint

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