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Complete holographic bike paint kit

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Complete kit includes all the products from A to Z to make a holographic paint on a bike frame

Choice of grit : 20 or 35 µm

Choice of packaging

To be specified by email after ordering

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The information on this page should be read carefully to fully understand all the specifications of holographic paint applied to a bike.

Holographic or prismatic paint is a special effect that relies on semi-transparent aluminum-based pigments, which break down the reflected light into a reflection showing all the colors of the rainbow (purple, red, orange, gold, green, blue)

The paint has a grayish semi-transparent appearance in the absence of light.

The paint of the bicycle frame becomes iridescent in the presence of direct light

The application of this special rainbow effect, as it is semi opaque, is therefore possible, on all background colors (white, aluminum, red, blue, black ...)

The effect will be more visible on dark colors, and more discreet on light backgrounds.

About the different holographic bike paints :

In this kit we offer the two most common types of prismatic paints for bikes : 20 and 35µm represent very fine grades (automotive pearlescents are 60µm). Stardust offers extreme grades of prismatic paints, the "Spectrum 10 and 12µm": these products are difficult to apply and are reserved for bike painting specialists.

Summary of the 3-step* bike frame application :

  • opaque background

  • holographic paint

  • varnish

The offers

The bike kit is available in 2 versions :

In spray cans

2 spray cans of paint of your choice* for the background

3 spray cans of holographic paint (20 or 35 µm**)

2 spray cans of bi-component varnish

In a can

2 x 125 ml of paint color of your choice* for the background

300 ml of holographic paint (20 or 35µm**)

500 ml ceramic varnish kit St8900X 1:1 (250 ml varnish + 250 ml hardener)

* The recommended and most frequently used background color to obtain the optimal effect is black. The available background colors are to be chosen among the colors of our opaque GRAPHIC range (PDF color chart at the bottom of the page)

** 20 or 35 µm means a slight difference in particle size : very fine or fine

The choice of the color and the holographic grain is specified by email after the order

Offers do not include primer, because this need is specific to each bike frame :

You can order this primer here, in spray can or in a can, only in case it is necessary.

  • If the frame is bare carbon, a carbon primer must be applied

  • If the frame is bare metal, a primer for that metal should be applied

  • If the frame has an uneven surface, apply a primer and then sand with a 320 grit sandpaper

Step-by-step application :

1/ Lightly sand the old paint with P500 sandpaper

2/ Apply the base paint (ready to use paint) with a few thin coats.

3/ the holographic paint can be applied directly afterwards, and before 30 minutes.

It is possible to let the base paint dry completely (2-3 hours) and then sand it finely with 800 grit water-based sandpaper, before applying the holographic paint.

This paint is very liquid, and is applied in successive thin coats, until the desired effect is obtained. You can choose to apply one or two coats, or you can apply more coats until the background is completely covered.

4/ let dry 10-15 minutes

5/ Varnish : it is important to varnish before 30 minutes to maintain the grip between coats.

To use the varnish spray can, press the red button to release the hardener.

The ceramic varnish and its hardener in a can, is mixed in equal parts 1 : 1, without dilution. The mixture must be used quickly (20 min)

The application is done in 2 brilliant coats, spaced out of 7-10 minutes approximately.


When applying stickers, it is best to work quickly during the 30 minutes before varnishing. Do not sand the holographic paint. If you want to work and have more time, you should work after the bike frame has been painted and varnished.

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