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Chrome paint rimsWith which paint and how to chrome a rim ?

Where and how to apply chrome paint? Among all the possible and existing techniques, the chrome paint solution is the most economical and the easiest. Economical, because the chrome plating of a rim by other processes requires a budget well over €200 for 4 rims. Easy, because even if the chrome paint on rims is not the easiest paint to implement and to succeed, it remains quite accessible to any diligent and motivated person. Because, for any other solution by galvanizing, by "sputtering", by powder painting, by silvering... or other learned method, it is of course necessary to have professional equipment. The “painting” option has the advantage of being able to be carried out simply with a paint gun and an air compressor. There is the "spray" version of this mirror paint, but unfortunately it is not possible to carry out the varnishing stage with an aerosol, which is necessary to guarantee good resistance of the paint.

What quality of chrome can you get on a rim with paint ?

We are not talking here about real chrome plating, the real unassailable metal obtained by the process in a galvanizing bath, but about an imitation. This expensive and very toxic process has become heavily regulated and it is becoming difficult to find this kind of service. It is an extremely fine paint that gives an aluminum mirror effect: you can see yourself in it when the product is correctly applied. In comparison with a chrome rim, a resemblance of 70 to 90% is achieved before varnishing, and a little less after varnishing, if all goes well. Application details can be found on the product page. Simply to summarize, the work is done in 3 steps. The central step, the application of chrome wheel paint is clearly the easiest. It is particularly the care given to the shiny undercoat first and then to the varnishing that will allow a quality chrome appearance on the rim.

Chrome paint rimsApplication guide on a raw metal rim

First, determine whether the rim is made of steel or, in the second case, made of aluminum or a metal alloy. In the first case or the second, you can apply a primer specially adapted to hang on the metal. We choose the black color for this metal primer, because it is the most suitable color for the rest of the application:the complete chrome paint kit.

Application on a painted rim

It is easy to notice that a rim has a metallic or shiny black paint. In this case only, no primer is necessary to adhere. Whatever the color of the background (aluminium, white or black), you can go directly, after a light sanding with 500, to the application of the three stages of the chrome plating kit: basic transparent varnish + 48-hour drying Chrome paint + 24-hour drying /48h, transparent protective varnish.

Chrome a work and a work for the exterior
Chrome a statue or a piece for the interior