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Here is a short presentation of the different body paints that are used in practice and the art of painting the body of a vehicle, only during the painting phase. After the preparation with the primer, and before the finishing clearcoat stage, the repair, retouching or personalization phase takes place, with a 1K basecoat or a 2K paint, of which Stardust offers all possible varieties.

Types of body paints

In the automotive industry, innovation and customization of finishes and colors is as important as design. The world of coatings offers a rich choice in terms of tints and effects. The types of car and motorcycle paints are varied, and cannot be compared to any other type of paint, in terms of beauty, depth, iridescence, shine, but also resistance.

Metallic paints

Since the 1970s, metallic paints have appeared: with the addition of aluminum powder pigments in the mixtures and resins, manufacturers have discovered the means to gain in covering power, in protection of the bodywork, and also in aesthetics, by creating the metallic effect.

Pearlescent paints

Even more beautiful than aluminum-based paints, pearlescent paints offer superior finesse and shine. The pearl pigments used are more transparent but allow a multitude of tints and more elaborate effects. Today, they represent 90% of the paints chosen by car manufacturers.

Spray paint cans

Spray paint cans

The "sprays" or spray cans of paint are offered in the form of a pressurized container in which has been conditioned a car paint: practical, they allow to paint by spraying without a gun. Today, car paint cans constitute a market of several million spray cans sold in the country every year.

Manufacturer's tints

Constituting 99.9% of the vehicle paint market today, manufacturer's tints exist by the thousands. They are created by car manufacturers, each of which composes its own color and effect chart, classified by color code, color name, car or motorcycle model, and year.

Special effect paints

Special effect paints have been brought to the forefront by specialized companies such as StardustColors. They are innovative and remarkable thanks to their specificity in terms of appearance or particular properties. It is a so-called "niche" market that is developing in the automotive world, but also in many other fields Primers and fillers Complete kits Clearcoats and finishes Auxiliary products for body paints Epoxy paints for rims

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