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Paint Kits for cars, motorcycles, bike, helmets and scooters

Performing a complete painting work with bodywork paints requires know-how, hard work and most of all, the right products. As it is complex to find your way into all the different primers, topcoats, thinners and hardeners, Stardust has created a section dedicated to complete paint kits, that include all the necessary products to create effects finishes.

They are all the more useful, as it is difficult to estimate the quantities of products needed, whether for a car, a motorcycle, or others, especially since each product has a different covering power (yield in m²/L)

Our complete paint kits

No matter what the chosen paint, for example a chrome finish, or chameleon, or pearl, etc. it is always necessary to have several coats that correspond to the different stages.

For this, a complete paint kit usually includes a primer (primer or base), the specific paint chosen, and its finishing topcoat. Each element comes with the correct amount of hardener and thinner.

Car paint

Designed for painting large cars, such as sedans, our car paints complete kits contain enough products (available in pots, in spray application) to cover 12 to 15 m².

Motorcycle paint

Available in pots, in a quantity large enough to paint all types of motorcycles with few elements, or on the contrary with many fairings, motorcycle paint complete kits are designed to cover 3 to 4m².

Scooter paint kits

Consisting only of spray paints (not available in pots), the scooter paint complete kits are designed to paint 1 to 2m² surfaces, without equipment or spray gun, since the products are delivered in aerosol spray cans.

Helmet paint kits

Helmet painting is a discipline on its own, but integrated in the art of bodywork customisation: this separate know-how, with complex masking techniques, allows to carry out artistic creations with many details and careful work. Helmet paint complete kits include paints and topcoats in small packaging sizes, and also adhesives called fine lines.

Bike paint

We offer bike paint complete kits : special effects for bicycle paint, primers, bicycle spray paint, bicycle spray paint, tools and accessories, special varnish for bicycle paint ... Among the special effects, you will find phosphorescent paints, Candy, chameleon effect and fluorescent.


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