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5 Sanding and polishing disks ABRALON 1000 to 4000

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offer contains : 5 disk
3 grains for differents sharpness

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ABRALON DIAM150mm GRAIN 1000 for fine saning 
ABRALON DIAM150mm GRAIN 2000 for sanding/polishing
ABRALON DIAM150mm GRAIN 4000 for sanding/polishing

ABRALON DIAM150mm MIX: 1x1000, 2x2000, 2x4000

Abralon® – for sanding rounded surfaces,corners and sharp edges
Abralon is a unique multifunctional patented sanding material developed for flexible sanding of both smooth and profiled surfaces. Abralon creates a smooth sanding pattern on angled surfaces
and edges, while minimising the risk of pressure marks.

The open cell structure is used to keep the water in Abralon during the sanding operation. The water is not thrown out and a smaller amount of liquid can be used. The foam provides an even
surface pressure to the abrasive fabric regardless of the form variations of the sanded material.
This prevents the abrasive fabric from cutting through the lacquer layer, for example at sharp edges and roundings.


Grit range 1000, 2000, 4000
The perfect sanding and processing material with versatile application possibilities on surfaces as new and old lacquers, plastics, primers and fillers.
Abralon is used for conditioning a surface either as a pre-treatment prior to painting and lacquering, for removing oxides or for giving a visually attractive surface structure. Abralon is mainly used with wet sanding, but can also be used as dry in coarser grits.


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