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Packing 1L, in 3 different Colors :

BLACK 9005

GREY 7470

WHITE 9110

Satin appearance Rubbery feel

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URKI PROTEC is the best anti gravel:

It is a professional, permanent and durable anti*-gravel paint.

It is exceptionally resistant and will last for many years.

The objective and the role of URKI-PROTEC anti-gravel is to form a hard, damping and soundproofing layer.

Anti-graveling protection

URKI PROTEC allows the protection against abrasive factors (gravel and stones), but also to protect the bodywork against various corrosion factors such as water, salt, oxidation. 


Before applying the anti-gravel paint :

It is important to properly prepare the surfaces to be painted.

This first consists of a good scrubbing beforehand with a high pressure scrubber and brushing.

Once the surface is dry, the area can be sanded with a grit (type 180-240), and clean the surface of all contaminants with a degreaser. This pre-painting work is essential if you want to obtain a durable paint that will last over time.

The surface must be perfectly dry and free of dust before painting.


Application :

URKI-PROTEC product is applied with a special blaxon or anti gravel gun available on our site.

It is a thick product, resistant to sagging. It must be applied in one layer (2 passes) of a significant thickness (up to 300µm wet).

Pressure : 3-6 bars

Drying : 60 minutes at 20° C

The covering of the anti-gravel paint :

If the aesthetic aspect is an important point that we care about, our paint allows the covering with the original paint, preferably after sanding the anti-grit paint to 500.






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