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Opaque colors for polyurethane and polyester epoxy resin 125ml

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Concentrated opaque dyes for polyurethane and polyester epoxy resins
delivered in bottle of 125ml
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Opaque shades are compatible in all paint and resin systems, with the exception of water-based acrylic products.
These are very concentrated shades and totally resistant to UVs

In the paintings:
They are added in binders at 5 - 25%

Regarding the resins:

Opaque dyes for epoxy
are totally different from transparent shades:

They are totally opaque, and from a low dose it cuts the passage of light
They are viscous and thick

Compatible with all epoxy, polyurethane and polyester resins

Concentrated, the opaque shades must mix at low dose, of the order of 1 to 10% by weight in the resin mass.
The proportion depends on the thickness: In thick resin casting, a smaller dose is needed due to the cumulative effect of opacity.

The different shades are miscible with each other to create new colors.

Dosage of our opaque dyes (epoxy pigment pastes)

Standard epoxy resins type 4000 / WWA / 4010:
we recommend 5% on the weight of the resin alone.
Add the coloring before mixing with hardener to have time to stir well.

Water-based resin 1010:
Dose between 5 and 10% of pigments by weight relative to the weight of the resin alone.
Mix the pigments in the hardener part 1014 to make it water soluble, then add the resin 1010.
It is always necessary to do a test, because the dosage depends on the color of the pigments (+/- heavy)
Note: the 1010 dry film is very thin so the color is less covering.

Warning : the dose by weight of the dye, does not replace a part of the weight of the resin or hardener. The dye comes in addition.

StardustColors also offers a range of translucent dyes for acrylic crystal resins, , and a range of fluorescent concentrated hues

List of colors:

Concentrated shade White i11
Concentrated shade Blue Phtallo I31
Concentrated shade Yellow Oxide I54
Concentrated shade Bright Yellow I580
Concentrated shade Black I23
Concentrated shade Bright Red I700
Concentrated shade Green Phtallo I41
Concentrated shade Purple I75
Concentrated shade Orange I590
Concentrated shade Magenta I75


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