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LAMBRETTA MOTORCYCLE PAINT All colour codes - 1K Basecoat for Spray Gun

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LAMBRETTA paint in can

To choose from:
- 250ml Ready to use
- 500ml Ready to use
- 1L Kit: 0.5L Colour + 0.5L Thinner
- 2L Kit: 1L Colour + 1L Thinner

Shade to specify by email after having placed the order.

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To order a shade of LAMBRETTA:
1 - Choose the packaging and place the order.
2 - After you have submitted the order, specify the bike colour code and make by email in response to the email validating the order

For any questions about a LAMBRETTA colour code, write to colorimetrie@stardustcolors.com.
Preparation of the LAMBRETTA paint and delivery within 48h*

LAMBRETTA motorcycle Paint Composition:
1K Basecoat (solvent-based)
In two steps: first the paint, then the clear coat.


Some LAMBRETTA paints are three-layer paints: if your colour code requires this additional undercoat, our technician will contact you to propose you the first layer shade.

MIXING for the Motorcycle 1K Basecoat:
- Pure version: Add 70% of the provided thinner
- pre-thinned version: ready to use

Applying motorcycle paint
Access to the full instruction sheet with all the tips for painting a motorcycle here

- It is best to apply a primer*:
- Over a clean background, sanded at 800
- Apply using sa pray gun (1 to 1.4mm nozzle, with a pressure of around 2.5-3 bar, at a temperature of 20°C)
A very fine pass to create a good adhesion
then 2 coats with a 5 minutes interval between each
- Topcoat within 30 minutes maximum!
Our range of topcoats here:

Covering power:
- 1L of pure product/5-6m², thinned: 1L/3-4m² (for 2 coats)
Count 1m² to 2.5m² depending on the size of the bike

This product is sold under the 2004/42/EC Guideline and the Reduced Solvent Consumption policy. Refer to the PDF at the top of this page.



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