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1K colour code basecoat paint for motorcycle - All manufacturer's colours tone

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Here's a description of our different packs:
- Kit 500ml Pure colour + 500ml Thinner
- Kit 1 Litre Pure colour + 1 Litre Thinner
- Kit 3 colour Spray
- Kit 3 colour Spray + 2 sprays of topcoat

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1C basecoat paint for motorcycle - original colour code and formulation

How to order a colour tone:

Choose the packaging and order.

After order, tell us the color code of the bike + the brand by mail in response to the order confirmation email

In case of right on a code or a three-layer system write to colorimetrie@stardustcolors.com.  

In case of incorrect code, the technician will contact you. In case of impossibility to make the color, the order will be immediately refunded.

(7050 Series)

It is often difficult to trace and obtain the motorcycle original colour tones.
With our new colorimetry service which includes over 60 000 manufacturers colour tones
we can accurately prepare most original pearlescent and metallic paints (Kawasaki, Aprilla, BMW, Harkey Davidson, Suziki, Honda, KTM...)
We also realize paints for scooters.

The preparation of the colour is made during the day at our store
> Check if your colour tone exists or is available at: colorimetrie@stardustcolors.com

Our motorcycle colours are delivered as a solvent-based "1K" basecoat to clearcoat.
1K (Bilayer)*: means that the painting is done in two steps, applying the paint first then the clearcoat. As opposed to 2K finish (direct gloss) which is a glossy and resistant paint used with hardener.
Therefore, each paint should be topcoated to achieve a glossy finish but also to allow resistance (to gasoline, sun, water, projections...)
See at the bottom of the page our range of clearcoats

Colour code:
Select the code in the search engine or provide the code in the Comment box when placing your order


Our paints are provided pure. To give them the necessary viscosity,
Add 70% of 8229 Thinner

Detailed Instructions:

Step 1/ Preparation of the background, according to the rules of bodywork painting

In the majority of cases, the paint is applied over old paint/topcoat to cover it:
> To ensure the adhesion of the paint, give a light but thorough sanding with 800 paper and water. Rinse and dry.
> Degrease (finger traces, silicone, glue or fat) with our degreaser. Moisten a paper towel and clean the entire surface of the part. Dry immediately with a dry paper wipe, to eliminate degreasing residues, without waiting for evaporation;
> Just before painting, remove dust accumulated on the piece with our wiping sticky pad, without pressing.
> Apply paint

Special cases :
> On raw metal, our primer against metal corrosion must be applied
> If you have overthicknesses, defects or stickers, sand a maximum the part with 320 paper and water, remove the stickers then apply our "filler" primer filling surfacer (see below)


Some three-layer colours need an additional  specific undercoat.

If your colour code needs this additional undercoat, our technician will contact you

to propose you the colour of the undercoat (price: 57€  / L, ready to use).

Step 2/ Painting

The paint can often be applied directly, regardless of the existing background colour; it is nevertheless recommended, and mandatory for some three-layer transparent paints,
to apply an even background colour (gray, black or dark gray): Find our Stardust Fast primer at the bottom of the page. This primer is very thin, does not need to be sanded, and the paint can be applied over directly.

The paint is applied using a gun (medium nozzle from 1 to 1.5mm, with a pressure of 2 bar)
Start with 1 pass for adherence then observe a 2 minutes waiting time
Then apply 2 coats with 5 minutes interval between each. For motorcycle metallic paints, it is recommended to apply a final thin pass, at a distance of 50 cm from the piece.

Step 3/  Topcoating:
You have 15 minutes to prepare the topcoat mixing. It is important to clearcoat within thirty minutes to keep the adherence between the coats
We offer a range of standard clearcoats (830 UHS, anti scratch, ceramic or WET SPEED) and other special topcoats

- 1L of pure paint in 2 passes: 6 to 7sqm
- 1 aerosol of 300ml = max 0.5sqm

Our advice to those who paint outside a paint booth:
- Disassemble the motorcycle, spread the parts and give them enough space
- Before painting, ensure that a sufficient flow of air is available to prevent the paint fumes to fall on the paint
- Paint by dry weather and with no wind, free from moisture (to keep the topcoat glossy and dust-free)

Other technical specifications:
Viscosity: 110-125 sec Ford No.4
Solids: 30-35%
VOC g/L: <860 (thinned)
Product family: Polyester

Data sheet: See link in red for PDF
Safety Data Sheet: See link in red for PDF

Exclusively for use in a professional booth


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