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Other types of car paints

With passion and creativity, StardustColors has truly reinvented the car paint everyone is familiar with and which only offer a limited "choice" imposed by the car brands and manufacturers. The potential of car paints is enormous and unmatched by any other paint technique. Each type of car paint offers unparalleled levels of gloss, color and shine. But only if you work hard at it! For this, Stardust has developed, after years of work and experience, all the potential that pigments and body finishes can offer us. The technicality and versatility of the finishes and bases allow us to paint any vehicle (Jet ski, quad, motorcycle, bike, boat...) and object. Through our product pages, precise and understandable, we introduce non-professionals to the basic rules of bodywork. We allow you to know each car paint and to learn how to apply it like a pro !

Other types of car paints

You thought you knew about metallic or pearlescent paints? This is an example: the lack of offer was our only choice until 2009, when Stardust was created. While car manufacturers have brought confusion in this field, we have well dissociated metallic pigment-based paints or metallic effects on the one hand, and pearlescent paints on the other hand. And when we talk about pearlescent, this is also a good example to see how we have clarified and developed each family of pearlescent effects. Sometimes it's hard to find your way around, for example if you want a color from a color chart. What type of car paint should I use? A 1K basecoat ? A matte finish ? A 2K paint ? We clarify each solution for our customers without oversimplifying. The different types of car paint are both technical and aesthetic. We have a solution for every need and every application method. Just take the time to do a good job and let us guide you.

Chrome effect for car paint

Let's start with the most ambitious of the paints with the chrome effect for car paint. This set of sprayable products gives a "liquid" metallic finish, creating a mirror-like sheen that is 80% like chrome. This finish is not prohibited on the roads because it does not create dazzling surfaces.

1K basecoat for cars

It is important, when painting with a spray gun, to understand the difference between 1K basecoat for cars and 2K polyurethane paint. Monocomponent paint represents the vast majority of existing automotive paints. It is also called "two-coat", or 1K basecoat. These are monocomponent paints, very thin, which dry with air, while 2K paints are thick, shiny and dry by curing with a catalyst.

2K paint for cars

They are used in some cases today because they are time saving, efficient and simple. 2K paint for cars is a 2K polyurethane paint that always comes with its hardener. We offer various types, some of which are ultra-resistant, food-safe or adhere to any surface. We also produce 2K paints in all common colors (RAL, PANTONE, NCS, TRUCKS...).

The paints of vintage cars

You will discover in our section concerning the paints of vintage cars, all the specialties that we have developed to renovate vintage vehicles, especially in the techniques of chrome plating or rather imitation of chrome. The renovation of vintage cars involves all the techniques of bodywork. For this, we have gathered all the products and supplies you may need. Our colorist can realize the colors of vintage cars dating as far back as the 1930s. Paints for car parts Special effects car paints Car color code

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