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The main paint families

To have a clear understanding of what a car paint is, you need to start by knowing the different types of paints and consider the many possibilities that are offered today by the company StardustColors.

There are paint ranges reserved primarily for paint work on vehicles. They are high quality paints for bodywork. There are other kinds of paints, less fine in terms of quality, intended for the industry, or for technical needs or for purely decorative or artistic uses.

Paint types

All paint families are designed for a specific activity. Some are simply made for vehicles, for routine bodywork repairs, while others can be used in entirely different areas. Other paint categories have more specific uses, or allow to imitate the chrome effect.

Certain other types of paints, such as special effect paints can be used (on all types of objects or vehicles) to renovate or customize, with the colour and the effect of your choice, while others are reserved for heavy vehicles or industrial equipment.

Bodywork paints

StardustColors is specialized in bodywork paints and provides one of the most complete offers in terms of professional-grade products, with standard finishes, paints and topcoats, and manufactures automotive and motorcycle colour codes for touch-up works, repairs, or for painting complete bodyworks.

Note that Stardust is N°1 in Europe with its amazing car paint range allowing to create « special » effects.

Industrial paints

A wide range of activities is included in this field, using industrial paints, efficient and effective, more than aesthetic! They are used for equipment, machines, bridges, roof frames, navy, aeronautics, and above all for protection against corrosion.

Technical paints

Industrial paints are state-of-the-art paints, which have unusual characteristics and properties. They are useful in all kinds of situations, for anti-graffiti walls for example, or provide water-repellent properties when used in the composition of car paints, or ensure high temperature resistance for brake pads.

Chrome effects

The aluminum-based chrome effect range mimics the appearance of real chrome. The specular gloss reaches 90% and allows to obtain a reflection of the image like in a mirror just through paint process.

The specialties

Related primarily to the artistic and decorative fields, such as gilding or vehicle covering, the specialties also include less known products and activities such as hydro dipping or pinstriping that come from the United States.

Maintenance and protection

They are not necessarily paints to paint, but all the products for maintenance and protection are related to all areas of paintings because they are used in the final step to protect and prevent wear.

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