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What lies behind a car paint ?

StardustColors shares with you its passion for car paint by providing you with all the necessary products and information to achieve your painting projects for car, motorcycle, jet-ski, bike or quad. Our mission is also to make you discover all the new car paints and their amazing possibilities.

Which paint is right for your car or motorcycle? Why favour a type of effect? Is it easy to apply? Where to find the colour and shade charts? How much paint do you need? We make available instructions, advices and tutorials so that you carry out your work with flying colours!

Car paint : what is it ?

There are solvent-based paints and water-based paints. The automotive coatings displayed on our website are exclusively professional-grade solvent-based paints. They require a careful application and, in return, they give great results.

Many products are included in the car paints : Primers, bi-layers, 2K paints, topcoats, and much more. Some are one-component, others are bi-component, some are ready-to-use, while others are to be used with a thinner. To handle a car paint project or another project, just follow our instructions and let us guide you!

The different paint types

There are several types of paints : industrial paints, technical paints, chrome effect paints, some specialties, and of course the bodywork paints that constitute the core of our activities.

Car paint composition

The bodies provide very accurate finish and extreme resistance, and this cannot be done without rigorously selected components. The car paint composition must be very precise; it includes acrylic, polyester and polyurethane resins for strength, solvents for fluidity and dispersion, and pigments for loading and colouring.

Car paint brands

There are roughly ten car paint brands sharing the market dedicated to car body painters, augmented by car manufacturers that have created their own car paint brand (for example Renault with the Ixell brand). Historical manufacturers and brands includes PPG, Dupont, SpiesHeckers, Sikkens, Lechler, MaxMeyer, to mention a few. StardustColors is a French manufacturer that has secured a small place in this industry by specializing in the niche market of automotive effect paints.

The history of painting

Let's retrace the history of painting, in the field of Art and in the building area in general, but more specifically in the field of automotive bodywork and modern paints.

It is interesting to see the uses and evolutions of the pigments and lacquers used on the first cars from the beginning of the century, and in particular the progress made over the last 10-15 years.

Our company constantly goes further in the search of technological innovations for pigments and paints, and in this area, we are ahead of the large paint companies.

StardustColors is also devoted to all old paintings when they are useful or valuable, and we attach great importance to supplying all the pigments which have historically been used, as well as the artistic or decorative specialty products used in the past or today.

How to use a car paint ?

Why use a car pain ?