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Professional 2-component clearcoat spray


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2-component polyurethane acrylic body coating
290ml bomb
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2C high gloss and high resistance spray varnish

Type: 83UHS

Our polish bomb is delivered under a kind of special aerosol:
It contains 2 compartments: one for the varnish, and one for the hardener. A red button under the bomb, triggers the hardener that will mix with the varnish to initiate the curing reaction (polymerization)
This is how all professional polyurethane varnishes work.

This spray of body polish is suitable for both cars and motorcycles. It is the only professional-grade bomb that can withstand hydrocarbons.

Summary of the application of the 2C spray varnish:
Push the red button,
Shake the bomb vigorously from the bottom up and perform a spray test.

We recommend applying a quick veil to the surface before applying the real shiny layers. This will allow better grip and avoid any defect bubbles or refusal and even the reactions of the underlayer.

2 layers:
By a regular and constant movement with the spray of varnish, from left to right, then from right to left, apply a first layer, then after 5 minutes a second layer.
The second layer must be perfectly glossy and lacquered: for that we must not leave a lack of varnish.
Adjust the speed and distance of the movement to apply the correct amount of varnish: if you apply too close or with a slow movement, you risk getting sag during drying.

Allow the parts to dry in an area that is dust-free, dry, moisture-free and sheltered from the wind.
After 1h - 1h30, the varnish and its surface will be said "dust free" ie "dry to the touch":
It will be necessary to wait 24 hours at least to obtain a correct hardening and to be able to go up the parts on the motorcycle.

Blanket :
The bomb has a volume of 298 milliliters with a covering power of 0.4 square meters with two layers.
It is suitable for a tank in 2 beautiful shiny layers.

The utility of the varnish on a bodywork:

The varnish with several utilities:
- First, it gives shine and shine on all paintings.
- Then it has a function of color protection, but also the paint and body of the motorcycle or car, protecting them against various attacks, such as sun, heat and water.
When dry, it creates a waterproof film with a thickness of 50 microns (2 coats of varnish)

How to varnish flexible bodies?

The spray varnish hardens over time: so after 6 months or sometimes 1 year, it becomes hard and brittle, so it will crack on the fairings too soft. For this we propose a softening additive that will give flexibility to the varnish.

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