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Anti-rust glossy topcoat for all metals ST2900

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Complete kit with topcoat, hardener and thinner

Yield : 6-8 m² L of mixture

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ST2900 Anti-Corrosion topcoat is a specific two-component glossy acrylic clear topcoat that adheres to metals and protects against the appearance of oxidation (rust).

ST2900 Anti-Corrosion topcoat adheres directly to steel, galvanised metal, zinc, aluminium, copper, alloys and stainless steel. High resistance to UV radiation.

The anti-rust topcoat has a pigment which prevents the appearance or progression of oxidation : indeed, even if an adhesion topcoat is applied to a metal, residual oxidation can nevertheless develop under it, even if there are no visible traces of rust at all before coating. Rust will develop over time unless the anti-corrosion topcoat has been used.

ST2900 Gloss* has a good transparency (slightly less than a conventional bodywork clear topcoat).

Available in matt or satin (minimum order of 10 litres).

anti-corrosion topcoat all metals ST2900, the following offers 

Complete kit with topcoat, hardener and thinner

ST2900-140 kit 1.4L : Topcoat 1L, Hardener H3116 250ml, Thinner 710 150ml

ST2900-700 kit 7 Litres : Topcoat 5L, Hardener H3116 1,25L, Thinner 710 750mL

The mixture :

By weight.

100 parts ST2900 topcoat

25 parts hardener H3116

Dilution of 10 - 15 % Acrylic thinners 709/710/711

Theoretical yield : 6-8 M2 / L


Applicable by spray, brush or roller

1.3 to 1.8mm HVLP gun

Gun pressure : 3 bars


Preparation :

Over degreased, dry, dust-free backgrounds

The mixture must be perfectly homogeneous.


±80-100 Gr./ M2.

Suggested thickness : 25-35 µm dry

One pass process :

Apply a moderate, continuous coat, followed by a solid coat. The first coat should be applied over the entire surface or all repaired parts before the second coat is applied. For less than 3 parts, 2 to 3 minutes of "flash off "* should be observed. For more than 3 pieces, no flash off is required.

Standard 2-coat process :

Apply 2 moderate coats with 5 minutes of flash off between each coat.

Do not apply more topcoat than indicated.


At a temperature of 20°C :

Dry to the touch : 60 min

Recoverable after 1-2 hours

PERSOZ UN EN ISO1522 hardness : 48H : 260

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