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StardustColors innovates by proposing to create a reflective surface with a paint.

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The ECHO paint creates a reflective effect similar to that of road signs:
Highly effective in twilight and at night for reflecting all light sources (lamps, lights, etc.)

Operates when light arrives at an angle between 300 and 900

It consists of a white two-component Epoxy base (base + hardener) and of a powdered additive (retroreflective lenticular microbeads made from glass)

Appearance: ECHO paint is a white finish. Its reflection colour is also white.

Reflective properties: Large micro balls have excellent reflectivity (up to 200m).
However, they are more likely to peel off the surface of the paint.
For this reason, when the paint layer is thin, it is best to use micro-sized beads.
About 60-80μm silver micro-beads:
They are coated with a metal layer and have a higher reflectivity.

Details of the KITS:

SPRAY KIT   (0.5 m² max)
- 1 Aerosol (two-component) of Epoxy white base 90000, 290mL
- Echo powdered additive, 200g

2.5Kg KIT  (5m²)
- White Epoxy base 90000, 1L
- Hardener for Epoxy base 90000, 0.5L
- Echo powdered additive, 1Kg

10Kg KIT (25 m²)
- White Epoxy base 90000, 5L
- Hardener for Epoxy base 90000, 2.5L
- Echo powdered additive, 5kg

Excellent adhesion on different raw materials such as concrete, stone, old paint, wood...

Very high. The solution is more resistant than an adhesive product solution. The Epoxy base is weather resistant, very hard, not sensitive to high temperatures, to traffic...

Application method:
1/ Preparation of the substrate: The surface must be dry, free of dust and grease. The raw materials (metal and bare plastic) must receive first an adhesion primer.
2/ Preparation of the paint: Mix 2 parts Epoxy with 1 part hardener. Lifetime of the mixture: 40 minutes at a temperature of 200C.
3/ Using a spray gun (recommended), apply one or two thin passes to create a good adherence and to cover the bottom. Allow to dry 5 to 10 minutes.
4/ Apply a medium coat, then continue immediately with step 5
5/ Powder all the wet surface with the powdered additive. Powdering is done either by dropping or by spraying the powder over the surface, to make it adhere to the fresh paint.
6/ Allow to dry, then brush the excess powdered additive.

Note : Do not apply topcoat, otherwise it will remove the light reflecting effect.

Questions and answers:
Q: Can the retroreflective paint be applied over all types of media?
A: Our Epoxy base for undercoating offers excellent adherence for a variety of materials.
If in any doubt, please contact our technician, or see our Primers section.

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