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Automotive phosphorescent paint - 1K solvent basecoat

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Automotive photoluminescent paint

The StardustColors automotive paints are grouped under a range named NIGHTGLOW.

They have an excellent capacity to store the light (Many types of luminous energies, such as sunlight, electric lamp...) They can glow in complete darkness for up to 12h after having charged 30 minutes under the sun.

ASPECT: By day, the nightglow paints don't show any colours, because they are colourless. But in the dark, they appear luminous and coloured .

INTENSITY: It depends on the background colour: The phosphorescence will be at its maximum over a light coloured background and almost no effect over a black background. The paints being nearly transparent, we recommend an application over a white background.

Colours:The colours have different luminosity power : we advise that you read carefully our PDF measurements chart. The strong colours are green and turquoise. All the other colours are considered less luminous.

Thickness of the coats: The intensity will be all the more higher if there are a large number of passes applied. 

Excitement: The charge time and the type of light (strong or low, broad spectrum, during a long or short time) is crucial.

Persistence: Declines as hours pass.

Temperature: Phosphorescence is increased by high temperatures, and vice versa.


TYPE OF PAINT : Ready-to-use solvent based paint . Stir thoroughly before use ! Basecoat to clear for Automotive.

Application supports: Perfectly suitable for many supports, rough or primed, according to the proper rules. In all cases it's important to apply prior to your work a white specific apint or primer (see our primers for wood, metals, ...)

Capacity : min 2sqm / L for 4 to 5 passes

Application method : Spray gun (3 - 4 bars ~Orifice 1.2 - 1.5mm) , right after with a drying time depending on the temperature. To clear directly with any automotive topcoat.

Lifetime once applied and topcoated: up to 25 years.


Phosphorescent Car Paint

technical data file

Glow measurements

Glow measurements

MSDS Night-glow paint

MSDS Night-glow paint


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