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Silver nitrate is a product primarily used for chromium plating and silver plating, mirror manufacturing,

indelible inks and invisible inks, chinaware colouring and hair dyeing.

Silver nitrate becoming black on exposure to light: it’s used in emulsions for photographic plates, film and paper.

Silver salt is soluble in sodium thiosulfate, a compound used in the fixing process for photography.

It’s also used in silver plating (silvering)

Empirical formula: AgNO3

Purity: 99.5%

Product appearance: white odourless crystals.

CAS No 7761-88-8

EINECS No 231-853-9

Physical properties:

Fusion temperature 212°C

Boiling temperature Breaks down under the boiling point at 444°C

Solubility 35g·L-1 (methanol)

2.2g·L-1 (benzene)

2 340g·L-1 (water, 25°C)

1104g/L (water, 100°C)

3.95g·L-1 (acetone)

33.3g·L-1 (alcohol)

153.8g·L-1 (boiling alcohol)

Density 4352g·cm-3


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