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We produce the paint the same day according to your code and we ship before 4pm.

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- simple paint or

- paint + topcoat

- Send us the color code by email after the order

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Our offers :

Aerosol paint (mono-component 1K basecoat)

All known manufacturer colors

- 400ml aerosol rim paint (0.5m² or 2 exterior rims)

- manufacturer’s rim paint complete kit aerosol 400ml + bi-component topcoat 300 ml (0.5m² or 2 exterior rims)

Order and codes :

Each tint is made the same day according to the manufacturer's formula, then filled in an aerosol (400ml paint can = 100 ml paint + 300ml gas)

So that the colorist can realize your original color, you must know your color code and communicate it to us by email.

If you do not have your rim color code :

download our list of manufacturer references PDF classified by brand at the bottom of the page.

or contact your brand dealer

Here are some examples of color coding of manufacturer rims

Spray rim paint code Porsche :


Spray rim paint code Suzuki :


Spray rim paint code Volkswagen :


Spray rim paint code Citroen :


Application Guide regarding Manufacturer’s rim spray paint :

Step 1 : Preparation of the rim

Thoroughly degrease the rim with a degreaser.

Do we need to use adhesion primer ?

Yes, on unpainted raw metal rims.

In this case it is necessary to apply a specific spray primer in dark or black color.

No, on painted rims

The old paint must be lightly sanded with 500 grit sandpaper to create the adhesion. It should not be stripped. You can paint directly over it.

In case of fine scratches that do not come off when sanding, a spray primer surfacer can be used and then sanded using a 500

In case of bumps, cracks or large scratches, aluminum putty must be used and then apply the primer.

A putty is used to seal, while the primer surfacer is used to level out micro defects. The primer must be sanded with water to obtain a perfectly smooth surface.

Step 2 : Spray the paint on the rim with the aerosol can

Rim paints are generally metallic paints : To paint them properly, it is advisable to apply thin veils, crossing at different angles, until the primer is covered.

Most rim paints are metallic tints. To properly apply a metallic tint, always apply fine veils repeatedly, at one minute intervals, until the primer is covered.

Go directly to the varnishing without waiting more than half an hour: after 30 minutes, the adhesion is no longer achieved.

Step 3 : Varnishing the rim

In order to protect the paint and to allow a good resistance, it is necessary to use a professional two-component topcoat : This is the 2K aerosol topcoat also proposed on this page in complete kit paint + topcoat.

Use : Hit the red button, then shake the aerosol vigorously. Use the product within 30 to 60 minutes maximum.

Apply 1 glossy coat, then wait 10 minutes before applying a second glossy one.


Rim color code

Rim color code

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