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Paint Spraying:
As a manufacturer, we focus on the development and the production of paints and the sale of goods.
We do not apply paints.
For those who are looking for an applicator, the "Applicator map” is available from our web pages, and includes many car body painters, industrial painters, airbrush artists, or spray-painters specialized in custom, classified by departments and by specialty.

To respond to the increasing demands, we are planning to open a chrome plating and painting service for individuals (very soon).

We do not offer trainings for the application of special effects paints or for hydrography.
In general, all these techniques are simple, and detailed in several instructions and tips in all our product sheets.

However, we offer training on the use of our chrome-plating machines. These trainings are provided free of charge for customers using our machines, and usually take place once a month. Please contact us by email to be informed of the dates and to register.
The courses last one morning and cover the entire chroming process.

We are experts in the field of spray painting, decorative and automotive. We thus provide technical advice to all our customers by phone, chat, and especially by email we deliver a rapid response (within 6 hours) on a 7 days per week basis, in 4 languages (FR, UK, SP, IT)