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Automotive solvent-based 1K Paint to clearcoat - Manufacturer's colour tone

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How to order a colour tone:

Choose the packaging and order.

After order, tell us the color code of the car + the brand by mail in response to the order validation email

In case of right on a code or a three-layer system write to colorimetrie@stardustcolors.com. 

In case of incorrect code, the technician will contact you. In case of impossibility to make the color, the order will be immediately refunded.


(Series 7050)

Our technician can mix for you all types of automotive colours for bodywork: simple, pearlescent or metallic version
Solvent-based matt "1K" basecoat to be topcoated (pure paint to thin)
Our HS (high quality, superior coverage) type paints are suitable for retouching works, complete finishing and decoration applications

The pure colour is shipped as a kit, delivered with its thinner

- 0.5L colour + 0.5L thinner
- 1L colour + 1L thinner
- Pack of 3 aerosols

These paints, once clearcoated, are perfectly weatherproof (heat, cold, sun, rain)

How to apply:

The background :
Primer is optional. A simple light sanding of the old paint is often enough (800 grit) to allow adhesion.
Allow to dry and degrease with our degreaser (to avoid any reaction due to invisible contaminants)
and pick up dust with our wiping pad.
Never strip the existing paint
Warning ! For some manufacturers pearly transparent colours, it is necessary to apply a special coloured primer, as some of these colours are not enough opaque or are transparent.
For peace of mind and to ensure an even and faster coverage, use our Stardust CAR Primer


Some three-layer colours need an additional  specific undercoat.

If your colour code needs this additional undercoat, our technician will contact you

to propose you the colour of the undercoat (price: 57€  / L, ready to use).

The paint is delivered pure. To give it the necessary viscosity,
Add 70% of thinner V1

Gun (1.3mm)
Solvent-based 1K Basecoats are particularly easy to apply:
All types of guns can be used, by applying fine passes.
The finer the coats are, the more they will dry fast; so the time interval between each coat must be short: At 20 °C apply the passes in sequence, while by cold temperatures a 5min interval should be respected.

Recommended professional application method:
A very thin pass (to see any defects)
then one (or two) coat(s) with a 5min interval
For pearl/metallic version: finish with a half layer with less pressure and at a bit more distance from the support being painted;

Clearcoat after 15min, using any of our topcoats (See Automotive clearcoat category)
Topcoating must be done without delay as beyond 30min, adherence is no longer guaranteed.

Yield: 6/7sqm in 2 coats
For aerosols, the coverage is 1 spray = max 0.6sqm

Other technical specifications:
Viscosity: 110-125sec Ford No.4
Solids: 30-35%
VOC g/L: <860 (thinned)
Product family: Polyester

Data sheet: see link in red for PDF
Safety Data Sheet: see link in red for PDF

For use only in a professional painting booth


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