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Aprilia motocycle paint all colour codes - 1K Basecoat for Spray Gun

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Aprilia paint in can

To choose from:
- 250ml Ready to use
- 500ml Ready to use
- 1L Kit: 0.5L Colour + 0.5L Thinner
- 2L Kit: 1L Colour + 1L Thinner

Shade to specify by email after having placed the order.

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To order a shade of Aprilia:
1 - Choose the packaging and place the order.
2 - After you have submitted the order, specify the bike colour code and make by email in response to the email validating the order.

For questions about an Aprilia colour code, write to colorimetrie@stardustcolors.com.
Preparation of the Aprilia paint and delivery within 48h*.

Aprilia motorcycle Paint Composition:
1K Basecoat (solvent-based)
In two steps: first the paint, then the clear coat.


Some Aprilia paints are three-layer paints: if your colour code requires this additional undercoat, our technician will contact you to propose you the first layer shade.

MIXING for the Motorcycle 1K Basecoat:
- Pure version: Add 70% of the provided thinner
- pre-thinned version: ready to use

Applying motorcycle paint:
Access to the full instruction sheet with all the tips for painting a motorcycle here.

- It is best to apply a primer*:
- Over a clean background, sanded at 800
- Apply using a spray gun (1 to 1.4mm nozzle, with a pressure of around 2.5-3 bar, at a temperature of 20°C)
A very fine pass to create a good adhesion.
then 2 coats with a 5 minutes interval between each.
- Topcoat within 30 minutes maximum!
Our range of topcoats here:

Covering power:
- 1L of pure product/5-6m², thinned: 1L/3-4m² (for 2 coats)
Count 1m² to 2.5m² depending on the size of the bike.

This product is sold under the 2004/42/EC Guideline and the Reduced Solvent Consumption policy. Refer to the PDF at the top of this page.



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