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Multicolor Thermochromic PULSAR PAINT

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Multicolour thermochromic reactive paints

to be applied over black.

Shift from transoarent to Red, green, blue and transparent

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PULSAR Multicolour thermochromic paint

delivered with stabilizer

PULSAR is today the most amazing and the most technologically advanced special effect paint that exists.

Its surface reacts immediately to the very slightest change in temperature, producing several colours changes.

This extraordinary paint is extremely reactive and sensitive : as you breath in and out, the colour of the paint will change.

This is a type of rare product, its formula and manufacturing is directly done by StardustColors.


<27°C: Transparent

<29°C: Red

<31°C: Green

<37°C: Blue

<41°C: Transparent



Water based, non-toxic intercoat (colourless liquid) to be applied over a black background necessarily.


>> The black background must be a water based paint (or a solvent based one, that has been dry for 7 days and sanded, to ensure the complete evaporation of the solvents)

>> Avoid to expose PULSAR to sun and to temperatures above 60°C as it could damage the paint’s components in an irreversible manner.

>> Topcoating must be done with a water-based version (or a solvent based one, only after stabilizer has been applied first)

The stabilizer creates a barrier and helps protecting the Pulsar paint from the solvents of the topcoats. it is similar to an acrylic topcoat

>> For any temporary use outside, an anti UV clearcoat must be used.


100ml : 1/3 sqm

STORAGE:"paint can be store 6 month in a cold temperature , without UV light - Do not froze !"


Color of the bottom: the paint "Pulsar" must be normally painted on a black bottom.
To create this black bottom, it is advised to use our acrylic watercolors Stardust Pro ®, artistic range 43 colors.
On a black background (previously cleaned, dried and sanded) spray the PULSAR paint in 4 to 6 thin coats, allow 1 minute between each pass (to solvents to evaporate).

After the paint is dry, apply the stabilizer in 3 or 4 passes to protect the surface of PULSAR.

Solvents can affect the quality of PULSAR, so if an automotive solvent-based topcoat has been applied before, spray carefully a few very dry passes before to clear normally.


Thermochromic paint

Thermochromic paint

FDS Thermochromic Hydro

FDS Thermochromic Hydro


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