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Fluorescent Series – 12 Airbrush Acrylic-Polyurethane Paints

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Fluo Series for WPU200 Airbrush

Manufacturer: StardustColors

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12 Fluorescent colours in 60ml bottles

Bright and vibrant colours containing pure fluorescent pigments.

  • 100% water-based paint formula - Non-toxic Acrylic-PU paints

  • Ultra fine paint, ready for use

  • Excellent performance

  • Fast drying

  • Application over all types of substrates

The Fluo range paints are resistant 1K Basecoats*.

> Without topcoat application, they are resistant to abrasion, gasoline and water

They can be kept as a "finish" or topcoated.

*Like all fluorescent paints, they cannot withstand sun.

The best way to extend their outdoor life is to apply more thickness, more coats and a maximum of cleat coat passes

Acrylic fluorescent airbrush paints

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Fluorescent colours

These are natural colours that exist in limited quantity

Some are classified as RAL shade:

These are:

  • Yellow RAL 1026

  • Orange 2005 and 2007 (clear)

  • Green used in safety 6038

  • Red 3024 (rosy) and 3026 (orange hue)

Fluorescent and phosphorescent

Fluorescent should not be confused with  phosphorescent

Fluorescent materials do not glow all by themselves in the dark, but they will glow when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light source

fine airbrush fluo paints


Airbrush (all nozzles from 0.2mm)

Shake paint well until complete mixing of the bottom

Thinning possible up to 20% with our S5 or S6 thinners

Preference should be given to S6 Thinner when high resistance is needed and adhesion can be difficult

Air pressure: 2 to 4 bars (30-60PSI)

Spraying with repeated thin passes at a distance of 10 to 15cm from the substrate

Dry to the touch: 5min per coat at 20°C

In cold weather, drying time can be accelerated by using hot air

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Mandatory application over a white background!

The Fluo Series colours must be applied over a white background, or over a WPU001 White paint or WPU502 White primer .

WPU211Fluo Yellow
WPU212Fluo Orange
WPU213Fluo Red
WPU214Fluo Rose
WPU215Fluo Yellorange
WPU216Fluo Fushia
WPU217Fluo Violet
WPU218Fluo Blue
WPU219Fluo Green
WPU220Fluo Lime
WPU221Fluo White

WPU222 - 9FG:

This special color has a composition different from all other colors.

It is totally transparent, and has a yellow daytime appearance, and night green under ultraviolet light.

It is totally invisible on dark or black backgrounds.

with our cleaner thinner

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Addition of H6 Hardener

With a mixing ratio of 1 to 4%, it provides further hardening of the paint (like a polyurethane paint)!


Clear coat application is optional; our water-based topcoats (see our range of 3 acrylic topcoats ) can be used, even conventional polyurethane clear coats are suitable, provided to allow first the paint to fully dry.

Paint storage 

Tightly closed, in a cool place, sheltered from the sun for 12 months.

Stardust® is a European protected trademark



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