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Glow Series - 4 Phosphorescent Airbrush Acrylic-Polyurethane Paints

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Glow Series for WPU400 Airbrush

Our offer: 60ml Plastic bottle with pipette

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WPU401Glow Green
WPU402Glow Agua
WPU403Glow Azur
WPU404Glow Purple

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4 phosphorescent colours in 60ml bottles

Colourless during daytime hours, glow in the dark.

By absorbing energy from ambient light, from the sun's rays, from a lamp, these paints "load" and emit a glow that is visible in the dark.

The phenomenon can last for a short or long time, up to 8-10h for the GREEN colour.

  • Non-toxic Acrylic-PU water-based composition

  • Very fluid, ideal for airbrush

  • Long-lasting effect for many years

*The WPU400 Range Airbrush Acrylic paints are very resistant, and can withstand sun, frost, rain, chemicals, etc.

They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use


Nozzle size from 0.03mm

Shake paint well until complete mixing of the bottom

Always apply over a light background (preferably white) for maximum brightness.

Air pressure: 3 to 4 bars (45-60PSI)

Apply at least 3 passes

Dry to the touch: 5min per coat at 20°C

In cold weather, drying time can be accelerated by using hot air

Mandatory application over a white background!

The Fluo Series colours must be applied over a white background, or over a WPU001 White paint or WPU502 White primer .

Cleaning: with our cleaner thinner


Our H4 Hardener can be added (1 to 4%)


Clear coat application is optional; our water-based topcoats (see our range of 3 acrylic topcoats ) can be used, even conventional polyurethane clear coats are suitable, provided to allow first the paint to fully dry.

Paint storage 

Tightly closed, in a cool place, sheltered from the sun for 12 months.

Why do phosphorescent paints form a deposit at the bottom of the bottle?

This is normal for almost all versions of fluid phosphorescent paints,
because phosphorescent pigments are micro crystals heavier than metal:
Sedimentation occurs naturally.
For this it is necessary to shake the product well before and also during use.
You can also turn the airbrush upside down 30 minutes before use.

Such a problem does not occur with thick paints, but these are not suitable for airbrushing.

Stardust® is a European protected trademark


Effect acrylics Brochure pdf

Effect acrylics Brochure pdf


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