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CELCOVER - 2K Polyurethane topcoat for direct grip on metals

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The StardustColors CELCOVER topcoat offers direct adherence on all metals and plastics, without previous use of a primer.
The clear coat is also extremely flexible (folding up to 1800C!) and resistant.

Composition: 2K (two-component) Polyurethane Topcoat

Transparent glossy clear coat.

- Flexibility and durability,
- Excellent resistance in an outdoor exposure,

Direct adherence on non-ferrous metals, including silver, steel, aluminum, brass and alloys, zinc

Direct adhesion on all plastics: (ABS, ABS/PC, PPO/PC, PPO/PS alloy, EPOXY, PA, PBT, PMMA, PUR, PJC, SMC/BMC)

Theoretical coverage (without loss), ready for use (RFU): 11sqm/L under 25microns.

The formulation is built on the EN 71.3 standard for toys.

Calculated VOC: 62.2%


1.4L Kit: 1L Celcover Topcoat + 150ml Hardener 9999 + 250ml Thinner
7L Kit: 5L Celcover Topcoat + 750ml Hardener 9999 + 1250ml Thinner

Preparation of the substrate:

The support to be topcoated must be completely dry and clean.

Mixture preparation (in weight):

15 parts HARDENER 9999
30-40 parts THINNER
Practical processing time at 200C 24hrs

Application method:
Air gun, 2 to 3 passes leaving 5-10 minutes between each coat

Ambient air drying at 200C:
Touch-dry: 30 min
Dry for overcoating: after 6-8h, before 24hrs.

STORAGE: 12 months

For professionals only

Is the varnish anti-corrosion?
No, a varnish creates a coating and waterproofing effect. This protects it from water and air, which produce the corrosion effect. An anti-corrosion product blocks oxidation (already present, or to come) on the surface of the metal.
Before varnishing, it is important to thoroughly clean and deoxidize the metal (sanding) to remove all traces of corrosion, otherwise traces of rust may develop in the future, below the varnish.


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