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Black Chrome - Special metallic effect paint

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The Black Chrome effect
is a special paint effect sometimes seen on some rims, and difficult to replicate.
1-component product to apply using a spray gun
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The Black Chrome paint is a metallic effect more than a mirror-like effect chrome paint. Its ultra-fine pigmentation gives it an appearance close to the black chrome effect.

Usually carried out through vacuum metallization techniques, the Black Chrome is proposed in paint format: this very special paint, produced only by StardustColors, offers a dark metal aspect, midway between mercury and anthracite.

The Black Chrome paint can reproduce this effect using a body spray gun, without the requirement for expensive equipment.

The Black Chrome is made from special resin and ultra fine pure metal powder, without any dye.
1-component product (new 2020 version)

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1 L
2 L 

1L of mixed product = 5m²

High-yielding product, as it is applied in 2-3 fine passes
The product has a viscosity close to that of water, therefore it’s important to spray very fine passes.
Its evaporating speed is very fast, and there must be an interval of one minute between each coat.

Allow the part to rest, and the mirror-like effect will increase gradually as the product evaporates and dries in the next half hour.
After 10 minutes, the Black Chrome is dry.

equipment, bodywork, auto or moto rims, bottles, cell phone, decoration

Summary of the Black Chrome application steps:
Apply with a spray gun only
Air pressure: 2.00 - 2.5 bars / Nozzle: =<1.4mm

Shake well before use
Apply a couple of very fine coats over a gloss hard background (2K lacquer or 2K topcoat dry for at least 48hrs previously).

Application on glossy black background*, perfectly dry and hard:
Any topcoated base, or any bodywork or epoxy 2K paint can be used.
The product can even be applied to an already hardened glossy finish (e.g. rim) as long as this surface has been properly cleaned and degreased.
The background must be unsanded and have a very high gloss.

Black Chrome paint adhesion on all type of substrates:
The paint adheres strongly and directly without sanding to the glossy background.
Adhesion is entirely determined by the cleanliness of the bottom.

Activated by heat and humidity from the air, Black Chrome evaporates quickly.
It can be topcoated after 24 or 48 hours.

Topcoat application
All types of bodywork clear coats can be used: they promote better gloss and resistance to abrasion. Topcoat application must be done very carefully by respecting the special technic of fixing/sticking before wetting:

Apply 4 super dry coats with 2min between each coats, and then apply the clearcoat normally with 2 wet coats. this prevents any loss of mirror effect

>>> The varnishing of the Black Chrome paint must be done with a special technique also used for the classic chrome paint. To optimize the varnishing and the preservation of the chrome effect, it is recommended to wait 48 hours, or to cook the Black Chrome paint "

Danger! Hazardous flammable product. User must be familiar with the safety instructions and observe them. This product is for professional use only.

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