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Stripping cleaner BG for airbrushes and acrylic paints

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Mild stripping solvent

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1 Litre

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Product specification

Airbrush cleaner is a mild solvent, with no strong odor, and little harmful.

It is useful for all artists working with airbrushes.

You should not mix it with paints.

This stripper is used to soften dried and encrusted paints in the airbrush parts. It can be used and reused to soak disassembled parts of the airbrush.

It facilitates cleaning and takes care of the airbrush by lubricating it.

BG stripper is an acrylic solvent safe for plastic parts or rubber airbrush seals.

On the other hand, it is also harmless on resins and plastics, of which miniatures and figurines are composed. To strip the paint from the figurines, simply soak them overnight, then brush the paint with a toothbrush.

Stripping product for ultrasonic cleaner and airbrush

BG cleaner is a non-flammable solvent, especially appropriate for a use with ultrasonic cleaners.

You can use it pure in the cleaner tank, or by deluting it up to 50% water

Warning : Avoid breathing in the fumes, respect safety instructions.


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