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Transparent epoxy resin WWA Resoltech

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Professional high performance casting epoxy resin

Kit 1.4 kg (thick WWA version): 1 Kg WWA Resin resoltech + 0.4 Kg hardener WWB4

Kit 7 kg (thick WWA version): 5 Kg WWA resin Resin resoltech + 2 Kg hardener WWB4

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Transparent epoxy resin WWA resoltech , for casting and molding (thickness 3 to 16 cm *). Colorless and odorless.
Epoxy resin WWA resoltech, is one of the best casting epoxy resins on the market, thanks to its incomparable fluidity and crystal clarity.
As a result, it is particularly suitable for decorative and artistic activities.

Density of WWA / Hardener mixture: 1.06
Or 1 Liter = 1.06 kg

* for a cylindrical or cubic volume (width = height)

In the epoxy resin, we can add dyes, pearlescent agents, glitter to achieve very beautiful effects of color depth and scintillation: find the additives for Epoxy resins here

There is also a large selection of nacres and glitter in small sizes here

Among the many and different types of Epoxy resins, it has some special properties:
- A totally translucent and colorless appearance
- Unlimited casting thickness (its retraction)
- A possibility to play on hardness or flexibility
- Excellent resistance to UVs
- Compatibility on all media
- no shrinkage (as is the case with other Polyester resins)

The Epoxy resin allows to sink any object, and brings a hardness to all tests once dry. It is very fluid, easy to use, and has an anti-bubbling effect.

For thin castings (up to 1 cm thick, we can use our fast epoxy resin 4000)

Mass Effect

WWA safety: Beware of violent reactions (heating, smoke generation, etc.) in case of thick casting!
Read the technical data sheet at the bottom of the page about thickness and mass effect.

> The maximum thicknesses are specified for cylindrical shapes:
example: a cylinder 15 cm deep x 15 cm in diameter.

For a river table, the width of the casting is much higher (example: 100 cm)
We recommend not to exceed, in these cases, 2 cm thick, and proceed in several casting.

Symmetry: When making several flows, the flows must be of equal thickness:
Example: 2cm + 2cm.
If we make 3 cm + 1 cm castings, then it may be a curvature

> What does the offer include?
The offer is a resin pack including 1L Epoxy resin WWA + 400mL Hardener
(We can supply large packing to order)

> How to prepare the Epoxy resin mixture?
Either by volume: 100 volumes of epoxy resin + 50 volumes of hardener (using a measuring cup (see our website in Accessories))
Or by weight: 100 g Epoxy Resin + 40 g hardener.
* To obtain maximum hardness, you must be rigorous on the dosage.

> How to apply it?
with spatula, brush, pouring.

> What performance for Epoxy WWA resin? What surface does one cover with 1 Liter?
 As it contains no solvents or volatile elements, it is composed of 100% solids (the volume of the dry matter = the volume of the material before hardening).
As a result, with 1 L (1000 cm3) we can cover an area of 1m² with 1mm thick (1000μm dry)

How to modulate its hardness and flexibility?
To make it more flexible and flexible it is sufficient to increase the dose of hardener. The only rule is not to exceed the resin / hardener ratio (1: 1) by volume.

What is his drying time?
The pot life is 10h, the drying in the heart is 19h (mold release)
Of course, temperature and thickness are a variable.

Can we varnish the epoxy resin?
Yes, as soon as it is dry, it can be sanded and applied a varnish, or apply another layer of resin

Is there a trick to get the bubbles out?
Yes, by heating the surface of the freshly poured resin with a blowtorch.





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