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Bi-component Polyester Aluminium Putty for denting and car repair


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Two component aluminium-filled polyester putty.
It is used as a basic filling putty, particularly, in the repair of metal surfaces exposed to high temperature and mechanical abuse.

Application For repairs on metal surfaces of cars and commercial vehicles.

The offer :
1L, w/hardener
Aspect : Silver metallic
Density : 1780 g/L
Delivery : 48h

Technical advantages and Characteristics :
• Due to last generation resins and modern fine fillers, this putty creates a smooth and pinhole-free
surface, thus enabling the refinisher to use one product at all stages of repair (no need to use
a finishing putty)
• Due to last generation resins, sanding can be started with P150 grit abrasives, which significantly
speeds up sanding and helps avoid deep sanding marks
• Retains its shape in thin coats
• Easy to sand with 150 grit abrasives, providing a smooth transition between the repair and the
undamaged surrounding area
• Excellent adhesion. ALUMINIUM PUTTY shows very good adhesion on all kinds of steel, flexible aluminium, OEM substrates*.

How to use Alu Mastic?

Substrates to be treated must be cleaned, dried, degreased with our Silicone Remover and sanded

Add 2–3% BPO Hardener by weight
Pot life: 3–5 min at 20°C
16–30 min depending on ambient temperature


FT Alu Mastic

FT Alu Mastic

MSDS Alu Mastic

MSDS Alu Mastic


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