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It is necessary to know your rim color code according to the manufacturer's original reference. Without rim color codes, we can not perform queries.

You don't know your rim color code?

We invite you to consult your dealer, or to download our list of manufacturer references PDF classified by car brand at the bottom of the page.

How is the reference of a rim paint composed? Some examples :

Mercedes rim paint code :


Peugeot rim paint code

200 ONYX BLACK PEUGEOT 2017 - 2018

Renault rim paint code


BMW rim paint code


Composition :

paints of type " 1K Basecoat ", professional quality solvent-based paints.

It is very rare that original rim paints are 2K paints. In such a case, you will be contacted by our colorist.

Mixing :

Ready to use, already diluted.

Detail of the offers :

250 ml

500 ml

1 Litre

Aerosol 400ml (contains 100 ml of paint + gas)

Instructions to apply the original color rim paints :

1 / Preparation is the most important step

In all cases, the rim must be degreased with a degreasing agent.

If the rim is painted, then no adhesion primer should be used, light sanding with 500 grit sandpaper is carried out to create the adhesion.

If there are fine scratches that do not come off when sanding, a spray primer surfacer can be used, followed by sanding using a 500

If there is more extensive damage, then aluminum putty should be used and then apply the primer.

If the rim is bare metal, then a primer must be applied :

either a primer for aluminium or alloy, or a primer for steel.

We recommend a dark grey or black color for the background.

If necessary, you can then apply aluminium putty and / or primer filler surfacer.

2/ applying paint to the rim with a spray gun

The rim is therefore ready to paint.

Most rim paints are metallic shades. To properly apply a metallic tint, always apply fine veils repeatedly until the base has been covered.

To properly apply the paint to the rim surfaces, you must apply while keeping the wrist flexible, and following the angles of the rim surfaces, if possible at 45° in both directions.

Thin coats are applied every 2 minutes.

3/ Varnishing of the rim

The varnishing of a matt base paint is mandatory.

It protects the paint from shocks and bad weather.

We use a mini kit of varnish in can 2K or a varnish in aerosol 2K.

It is important to varnish quickly, i.e. within 30 minutes after application of the paint, in order to benefit from the natural "wet-on-wet" adhesion of the varnish on the paint.

The varnish is applied in 2 coats.


Rim color code

Rim color code

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