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Kit 1kg (1-1.25m²)

Kit 2kg (2-2.5m²)

Kit 4kg (4-5m²)

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Process: The Colored Chrome effect Kit uses a new process that allows to imitate very closely a chrome and gold surface, without toxic products and equipments.

The pictures and video available on this product page can attest of the quality of the results.

Tool: This paint is necessarily applied with a spray gun (of any type)

Support: The paint can be applied over all type of material, as long as this later is smooth and has been previously prepared.

Resistance: Perfect resistance to abrasion, chemical products, bad weather conditions and UV.

Offer: All the clear coats, paints, hardeners and thinners that are necessary for obtaining the GOLD effect are included in the different kits.

The mirror gold effect is achieved in 3 stages: See the demonstration video

1- Black glossy catalyzed paint for the background

  • The "undercoat" is a black, glossy and hard background, which is achieved with a black paint and a varnish :

  • Apply the black basecoat (ready-to-use, pre-diluted paint) with 2 or 3 thin coats.

  • After 20 minutes drying time, apply 8900X varnish (mix with hardener 1:1 i.e. 100 parts varnish + 100 parts hardener). Do not dilute.

  • Apply 1 shiny coat.

Leave to dry between 1/2 day and 10 days. The results obtained with a long drying time are a more refined mirror effect, thanks to the hardening of the undercoat. You get 75% of the hardening in half a day.

2- Chrome paint

Product ready to use -
Application with very thin passes.
Apply 4 to 6 micro coats spaced with 30 seconds, until the black basecoat has been completly covered.
Suggested drying time: 2 to 7 days ( more drying time allows to achieve the clearcoat more easily, with less chance to fail the clearcoat)
More details and tips about clearcoat application in the Topcoating chapter

3- Candy Topcoat

(Mixing:Clear coat 100 parts + Hardener 100 parts) - Drying: 24h

More details and tips about chrome paint application

It's essential to follow closely the application instructions to achieve a beautiful mirror Gold effect.

Drying times are quite long, but recommended to get maximum quality results.

Stabilizer : The stabilizer may be supplied with the chrome kit: it is a waterbased clearcoat, that can be apply over the chrome paint, before the final Candy Clearcoat. The stabilizer contains 0 solvents , and it is used as a fixative layer as it shows less risk to affect the thin chrome paint layer. 


Important Tip: To help promote adhesion with the glossy black background, a rapid flame treatment can be performed (passing briefly the gas flame 1 or 2 times) just prior to the application of the chrome paint. Similarly, to facilitate chrome topcoating without losing the mirror-like effect, a brief flame treatment can be carried out on chrome painting before applying the clearcoat.

Kit including

1kg : (1 – 1,25m²)

250 ml basecoat black + 250 ml varnish 8900X + 250ml hardener H440 + 250ml chrome paint

2kg : (2 – 2,5 m²)

500 ml basecoat black + 500 ml varnish 8900X + 500ml hardener H440 + 500ml chrome paint

4kg : (4 – 5 m² )

1L basecoat black + 1L varnish 8900X + 1L hardener H440 + 1L chrome paint

The use of ceramic varnish ST8900X both as BASE coat and TOP coat has important advantages, in addition to resistance:
This varnish provides high gloss and accelerated hardening.
In addition, it allows the creation of a hard-to-core bottom very quickly, which is necessary to achieve the mirror effect.
Conventional PU varnishes and lacquers have a core hardening 4 to 5 times slower.


The GOLD topcoat included by default in the kit, can be supplied in other colours on simple request (Available: Red, blue, green, lime green, orange)

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Chrome paint UK

Chrome paint UK

Chrome paint application tips

Chrome paint application tips

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MSDS Chrome paint


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