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Interference effects  are perlescent finishes that appear depending on the viewing angle and under a certain light.

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Complete pearl Kit Crystal Interferencefor automotive

This kit is composed of all the products you need to paint a big size car, from undercoat to topcoat.


Products included:

- 4L of paint for background (solvent based 1K basecoat)

- 2L of pearl intercoat Crystal transparent + 2L of thinner

- 2L of Ultra High Solid clearcoat + 0.66L of hardener and 250ml of thinner.



The Crystal interference effect is the result from the combination of the  background colour + transparent crystal coat:

It’s a transparent pearl effect that appears under light, in daylight as well at night.

It doesn’t change, or little, the colour of the background and is invisible in the dark.

The perlescent effect is subtle when applied over a light-coloured background (white, yellow) and becomes much more noticeable over a darker background (black, navy blue)

The number of colour  combinations with the background colour and crystal shade is multiple and the result achieved is always unique !

In all cases, it’s better to choose a colour that will show dramatic contrast between the background and the Crystal undercoat (e.g. green/gold), hence the name "interference".


CHOICE OF COLOURS: (please specify your choice by mail when ordering)

Chose the colour of the background:

White, Black, Blue, Midnight blue, Bright red, Orange, Bright green, Yellow

Pick up the colour for the Crystal intercoat:

Purple, Pink/Red, Gold, Green, Blue


> Our colour chart PDF is available



Easy application, to be realized at one time (all the products are successively applied) (The instructions are provided on the cans):

1/ Apply the background paint.

2/ Apply within 30 minutes the crystal interference effect in 3 to 4 thin passes. (Mixing: Dilute with the thinner included, 70 to 100%).

3/ Topcoat in the next 30 minutes.



GREEN Background/ GOLD Intercoat

WHITE Background / BLUE Intercoat

ORANGE Background / GOLD Intercoat

RED Background / BLUE Intercoat


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