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Mirror effect paints for airbrushes

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2 Versions to choose from

- WPU150 Hydroalcoholic Chrome Paint

- WPU152 "GO Chrome" floating chrome paint

Bottles of 60 ml

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Chrome airbrush paint is available in two versions in the Stardust Pro Acrylic range :

WPU150 classic chrome paint,

Ultra fluid and ultra fine, to be applied over a hard and glossy background.

Composition 50% water / 50% alcohol

Airbrush application only in a few very thin coats.

Varnishing is possible with care to avoid soaking of the chrome layer, by making 4 "extra dry veils" two minutes drying time between each, then normal varnishing, with our glossy airbrush varnishes

WPU152 new floating mirror effect, completely innovative and unique in the world of painting : Put in 60ml format for airbrushes, this paint « Go Chrome » has nothing in common with other types of chrome effect paint for airbrushes and its implementation and operation is completely original :

Appearance and function

The liquid instantly creates a true imitation of 100% mirror-polished metal, clear and reflective (both light and image) by a floating phenomenon of the chromium on the surface.

The use of GO Chrome airbrush paint* is particularly effective compared to other techniques :

The product is applied in a single thick coat

The chrome color then floats to the surface in seconds.

Other modes of use :

*The product works with aerosol, but also with a brush, dipping, filling pen, spray gun ...

Without any preparation :

The Go Chrome airbrush version of the paint is extremely easy and quick to apply since it is applied in a single wet coat, over any matte or glossy background, in any color. No glossy or hard undercoat is required.

The product does not attack fragile acrylic paint backgrounds.

The paint is covering, filling and self-smoothing. As opposed to paints of this type, it is thick. It can therefore cover micro details in the world of miniature painting.

In this case we recommend the use of traditional mirror effect paint, which is ultra fine, but which requires a glossy background (varnish or 2K paint).

Composition of the product :

The paint is not an acrylic : it is a non-hazardous product based on a mild alcohol.

It cannot be diluted with water.

All supports

The product is applicable on many types of materials, as it has an excellent adhesion power on all surfaces such as iron, glass, plastics, resins.

The cleaning of brushes or airbrush :

With any solvent or alcohol.


Drying is done in half an hour or a few hours maximum depending on the temperature.


The product is essentially decorative and should not be subjected to rubbing, erosion with liquids and abrasion. It cannot be varnished unless it is baked.


Flammable product ! Observe the safety instructions

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