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Artistic Pro Series – 43 Airbrush Acrylic Polyurethane Paints

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Artistic Pro Series – 43 Airbrush Acrylic Polyurethane (PU) Paints

Manufacturer: StardustColors

Offer and packaging: 60ml soft bottle with cap and pipette for precise dosing.

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Artistic Pro Series – 43 Airbrush Acrylic Polyurethane Paints

43 colours for all types of substrates

The Artistic Series water-based paints represent the widest range of airbrush artistic colours in the world. They are ideal for fine arts and freehand drawing on paper or canvas, for figurine painting and decoration, RC, bodywork (motorcycle, jetski, helmet)

Can be used with 0.2mm airbrush nozzles without any thinning!

The Acrylic-PU hybrid formula

The new acrylic-polyurethane resins offer a fineness and fluidity very close to that of liquid inks, and a non-toxic water-based formulation with less than 0.6% of mild solvents. They provide a great comfort of use, with exceptional properties.

Micronized pigments

The Stardust Pro formula is designed to provide:

Low viscosity and ultra-fluid texture

Colours with high covering power thanks to high quality pigments

Fast drying. The dry film remains flexible and does not produce cracks

Resistant and versatile

Ultra resistant (sun and UVs, shocks, water, fuels)

Adhere directly on metals, plastics and glass

Zero toxicity. VOC rate <0.6%

43 rich and varied colour shades, fully inspired by the Fine Arts colour palette for airbrush drawing:

WPU002Flesh WPU023Magenta
WPU003Yellow OchreWPU024candy Pink
WPU004Red OchreWPU025Cherry Red
WPU006Burnt SienaWPU027Scarlet Red
WPU007UmberWPU028Vivid Red
WPU008SepiaWPU029Red vermilion
WPU009Transparent WPU030Tangerine
WPU010Weak BlackWPU031Orange
WPU011Pure BlackWPU032Light Orange
WPU012Anthracite greyWPU033Topaz
WPU013Steel GreyWPU034Pure Yellow
WPU014Mouse GreyWPU035Lemon yellow
WPU015TurquoiseWPU036Lime Green
WPU016Cyan BlueWPU037Primary Green
WPU017Primary Blue WPU038Bottle Green
WPU018Ultramarine BlueWPU039Fir Green
WPU019Midnight BlueWPU040Pine Green
WPU020VioletWPU041Emerald Green
WPU021Violine WPU042Kaki Green
WPU043Olive Green

The fineness and drying time of solvent-based paints, in a water-based acrylic formula!


Use with all types of airbrushes (or spray guns)

Thinning possible up to 20% with our thinners

  • S5 thinner for perfect thinning and fast drying

  • S6 thinner for additional hardening and adhesion

Nozzles equal or greater than 0.2mm without thinning

Shake the paint thoroughly before usn

Pressure: 1 to 4 bars (15-60PSI)

> Discover our compressors without tank or with 24L tank,

Spraying in thin and repeated passes

Dry to the touch: 5min per coat at 20°C

Possibility to accelerate drying by using hot air in cold weather

Substrates: good adherence obtained directly over a large variety of raw substrates, plastics, metals, glass

Cleaning: with our cleaner thinner

> Discover our new ultrasonic cleaners


These water-based paints offer the option of being hardened to provide additional resistance by the addition of 1-4% H4 Hardener. Using hardener is optional; it does not accelerate the drying time, but increases the hardness of the film, which can be useful during radio controlled vehicle bodywork painting for example

Topcoat application

The Artistic Pro Series Paints offer a beautiful satin-matte finish. They can be topcoated, to give them gloss or an extra level of protection, with our range of 3 solvent-free acrylic clear coats.

Once dry, the Stardust airbrush paints are also compatible with all types of solvent-based topcoats!

Paint storage 

Keep container tightly closed, in a cool place, safe from sun for 12 months.

How to adjust the pressure?

The larger the distance to the substrate and the wider the width of the desired spray, the greater the pressure must be. And vice versa.

Stardust® is a European protected trademark

Video courtesy of :

Airbrush courses @rusairbrush

Artist: Alina Tarasenko @at1303



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