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Ultra-fine High Quality Clay Bar
Yellow Clay Bar 100g
For the cleaning and decontamination of bodywork topcoats.
Ultra-soft and safe for all painted surfaces.

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A dirt film forms on the surface of the topcoat due to pollution, moisture, and other contaminants: this can be observed by running your hand over your car. Its very important to remove this layer of dirt before polishing your car.
The Clay Bar clay displays exceptional contaminant absorption properties, at the microscopic level.

Instructions for use
Wash the vehicle body thoroughly with a suitable detergent.
Cut a piece of clay bar and
give it a flat shape
Use a window glass cleaner-type spray filled with water to moisten the surface (0.5m2 each time)
Gently slide the clay bar over the surface, backward and forward.
When the clay bar gets dirty, rinse it then fold it on itself to show a new clean side of the clay bar

Use afterwards our microfiber cloth to gently wipe all residue.
Check with the palm of your hand that the surface is clean and smooth.
Repeat the process if necessary.
Then finish the work with buffing/polishing

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