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Phosphorescent Polyurethane clearcoat PHU2K 1.33L

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Bi-component polyurethane photoluminescent paint


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This product can be qualified as a topcoat as it's glossy, transparent at 80%, and resistant: Even after 5 coats, you still can see perfectly the pattern or the background colour underneath.


By a natural and non harmful phenomenom, the phosphorescent effects topcoats produce light, after having charged with natural or artificial light. They emit light up to 10h without any difficulty, it depends mainly of the colour and of the thickness of the coat. It takes only a few seconds to some minutes of charge.


This product is very resistant and specially designed for outdoors:

It's water and oil proof, resists perfectly to acids, bad weather conditions and to heat up to 180°C and has a lifetime of 20 years. It adheres very well on many types of supports such as wood, concrete, metals, stones,... 3 to 4 coats allow a very good luminescence, after 30 to 60min of charge, and it will glow during 12h in complete darkness.

CHARACTERISTICS and ASPECT:This product is transparent and colourless (very light greenish aspect). When the paint is dry, it forms a glossy film, as resistant and waterproof than an automotive bodywork clear coat.


USE: The product is ideal for outdoors.The paint is also suitable for indoors if the rooms are well ventilated during the drying.

Two-component system: You mix the basecoat with the hardener and the whole must be used within half an hour.

DESTINATION : Bodywork, signals on construction engines, floors and walls, equipments. Always over a white background.

PRECAUTIONS : Products for professional use. In all cases work

in well ventilated places or outdoors, wear a special respirator mask against VOC and protective gloves.


Type of product : Solvent based polyurethane topcoat. VOC: < 420 G/L .

Offers:Select in the scolling menu above

250mL + 100ml Hardener + 80g  pigments = 350ml kit (0.39 kg)
1L + 330ml Hardener + 360g  pigments = 1.33L kit (1.59 kg)
3L + 1L Hardener + 1.08 kg pigments = kit 4 L / (4.82 kg)

Kit 1.2L Flexible varnish

Kit 6L Flexible varnish


Theorical coverage: 2 sqm / L

Mixing ratios : 

Mixture by weight, in order:

• 100 base 830

• 36 parts of Ymo7 powder

• 33 parts of hardener 432

Mix thoroughly before use and mix regularly during application to avoid sedimentation.

Mix only the necessary dose and sticky usable for 30 minutes (Pot Life)

Application: Brush, roller or spray gun. By preference over a WHITE paint or primer, or over a rough background of light colour. >Use our white primer for Concrete, or our white primer for Metals (see our section Primers)


Number of coats: 3-5 passes with an interval of 2-5min between each. Pot life : 25min

Drying time: At 20°C : Touch dry: 1h – Service : 24-48h

How to use 2K spraycan :

Water-based formula!
Our new water-based version of PHU2K paint is a highly resistant polyurethane (b-component product with hardener).
It contains few solvents (VOC ready for use = 60g/L), and thus allows easier application in indoors areas (factories, archives, hospitals...)
This offer is available as a 1.6 kg Kit (1.24 kg Base + 0.3 kg Hardener). Instructions are provided on the paint pot. Datasheet and safety data sheet can be sent by email on request.
Application: 3 to 5 passes, with a minimum of 10 minutes interval between each. Mixture Service life: 2 hours

The PHCEL2K version is a flexible phosphorescent varnish. This varnish suits on covers and leathers for example.


Read our blog, to know more about photoluminescence


Commercial PHU2K

Commercial data sheets








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