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Clearcoat Hi GLOSS super UHS ST6000

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Premium bodywork clearcoat for complete, very high thickness

Advanced Formula 2020

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Kit 2 Litres

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ST6000 Hi Gloss is a high quality 2K super UHS clearcoat for complete full paintwork, ultra thick, very resistant, and very covering thanks to its high solid material content.

Specially formulated for body shop professionals :

ST6000 Hi Gloss is a clearcoat of choice for complete paintwork on large vehicles : it has been formulated to provide impeccable stretched finish on large surfaces, a high level of gloss, and a rapid rise in hardness for daytime delivery of the vehicle.

ST6000 Hi Gloss can also be used for repairs and touch-ups.

A 95° glossiness

Its slow hardener allows a high level of "Gloss" without "burying" the brilliance.

Low VOC: < 420g / L*

Super UHS (Extra High Solids) Coating has a low solvent content and has been designed to meet the most stringent standards and legislation regarding VOC emissions.

Formula 2020 :

It is a bi-component solvent-based clearcoat that benefits from the innovations of the latest acrylic resins.

- maximum UV resistance

- very high hardness and scratch resistance

- high thickness after drying, high dry matter content


Kit 2 Litres (1L clearcoat + 0,5L Hardener H421 + 0,5L clearcoat Thinner 712)

Finishing clearcoat for bodywork on

- waterborne basecoat

- solvent-based clearcoat


On sound paint, dry and sanded with 400 - 500

On freshly painted paints, after 15 min desolvation and before 30 min

use a dusting pad before application.

Mix 2 : 1

by weight

100 parts ST6000 clearcoat

50 parts hardener H421

Thinning from 20 to 30%.

Possibility to add anti-Silicone from 0.5 to 2%.

Hardness tests :

Hardness PERSOZ UN EN ISO1522

24H : 250

48H : 400


24H : 8


Spray gun from 1.3 to 1.5mm

Gun pressure : according to manufacturer's recommendations

Suggested thickness : 50-60 µm dry

One pass process :

Apply a medium, continuous coat, followed by a thick, solid coat. The first coat should be applied over the entire surface or all repaired parts before the second coat is applied. For less than 3 parts, 2 to 3 flash off minutes* should be observed. For more than 3 parts, no flash off is required.

Standard 2-coat process :

Apply 2 full coats with 5 to 10 minutes of flash off between each coat.

Do not apply more clearcoat than indicated.



At a temperature of 20°C :

Dry to the touch : 60 min

Through-dry: 9 h

The hardening properties are largely achieved after 48 hours.


Always respect a desolvation time of 10 to 15 minutes before drying.

Oven: 30 minutes at 60°.


Medium waves : 10-15 min

Short waves: 8-12 min

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