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Complete Auto Paint Kit, Black Interference Effect

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The complete paint kit is intended for a medium or large sized car. It includes all paints needed to create the "Black Interference" effect, from the base, to the clear coat.

What is the "Black Interference" Effect?

It’s an automotive paint effect, that displays a 2-colour appearance (black + a pearl colour X). Therefore, this is a sort of coloured black chameleon. The optical effect of colour change is fascinating and occurs when the painted bodywork is seen depending on the daylight and the perspective.

The Black Interference effect is available in 6 colours
- red
- blue
- green
- gold
- purple
- black


Kit Contents
- The background: 4 L of prethinned black paint - Single component solvent-based base
- The effect: 1 kit x 2L of Black Interference, colour of your choice (1 L pure paint + 1 L thinner)
- The finish*: 2 kits of UHS83 topcoat (2L of clear coat, 660ml of hardener, 300ml of thinner)

* A large amount of topcoat is provided, allowing you to apply a high gloss, thick clear coat in 3 to 4 passes, giving the bodywork a "wet" effect in addition to the depth effect.

The process: step by step.

Application using spray gun, 1.2 to 1.5mm nozzle, 2-3 bars
- No primer is required over the old clearcoat of the vehicle.
- Sand lightly the entire bodywork with 800. Remove dust and grease, allow to dry.
- Shake Matte Black base paint can thoroughly.
- Apply the background (black base) over the entire bodywork: The black base is applied in thin passes; repeat until the old colour is completely covered.

Black Interference EFFECT
Application using spray gun, 1.2 to 1.5mm nozzle, 2-3 bars
Mixing: Stir thoroughly the paint. Add 50 to 100% of thinner,
that is 1L of pure paint + 0.5 to 1L of thinner
- Direct application over the black base (within 30 minutes) or over, after a quick sanding with 800.
- 2 to 3 thin passes over the entire vehicle. The black base should not be covered! Keep a light effect.

Application using spray gun, 1.3 to 1.5mm nozzle, 2-3 bars
Mixing: 1L of clear coat for 330ml of hardener for 100ml of thinner
Pot life after mixture: 30 min max.
Apply directly after the Black Interference (within 30 min) or over, after a quick sanding with the abrasive sponge only!

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